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How long before a test works?

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OK, I'm not yet TTC, my 1st is only 8 months. cycle came back and I've had it twice. I know it's normal for periods to be different after a baby...but counting from 1st day of last period till now, it's been 32 days today and I know my other 2 were closer together than that.....I didn't put them on the calendar or anything, but they were closer.

The only *possible* time would've been 4 days ago. And yeah, we're using condoms, but well, stranger things have happened.....

How 'late' do I have to be before testing?

(watch it'll show up tomorrow lol)
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One "Rule of thumb"

First 3 cycles postpartum are expected to be a bit off.

Cycles while lactating are often irregular.

Pregnancy tests detect hcg from an implanted embryo. In order for fertilization to take place, there has to be sperm and egg in there at the right time. The egg only lives about 24 hours after ovulation, so unless you ovulated 4 days ago... not likely.

A fertilized embryo takes 8-12 days to implant, so if your period has not started in another week or so, then you might want to test, but IF you ovulated 4 days ago, the condom did not work, and there is a baby in there, it's waaay to early to tell.

My guess? You're just having a longer than usual cycle due to postpartum hormones and lactating, and it will start soon.

(This post is based on my understanding of fertility, and my experiences from getting pregnant 5 times, and being pregnant or nursing if not both for the past 7+ years LOL!)
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Well, it's tomorrow, and it's not here yet. I was just thinking this morning maybe in about a week if it STILL hasn't shown. (following the 10 days from conception to implanting) It's *very unlikely*, but then, my 1st was a wedding night I'm thinking I don't have ANY fertility problems...
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