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How long before a +?

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Didn't know how to title this (or where to put it).

How many got a negative HPT when you were actually +? How far along were you before you got a +?

I'm just curious. I've been having "regular" 4-wk cycles since they resumed PP (DS is now 14.5 mos, and cycles resumed 7ish mos pp). However, my LMP was almost six weeks ago. The cycle previous to that was weird - only 3 wks long and spotty - just strange.

I took a HPT last Thursday (early, I know, but technically I was late) and got a -. I'll wait until Thursday and, if necessary, test again.

I haven't been charting, we've just been seeing what happens. I wouldn't be testing so early, except I'm going on vacation in July and would like to know before then.

Anecdotal "evidence" more than welcome! Hit me with your experiences, mamas.

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Baby #1: 19ish days past ovulation. I got a ton of negative tests.
Baby #2: 11 days past ovulation. No negatives this time.
Baby #1 = ovulation on cycle day 15

neg hpt at 7 DPO
pos hpt at 9 DPO

Baby #2 = ovulation on cycle day 31

neg hpt at 6 DPO
neg hpt at 8 DPO
neg hpt at 10 DPO
pos hpt at 11 DPO (pee stick & blood test. HCG count was 56)
I have to be at LEAST 18 dpo for a BFP. Even if I have other 'signs', I will still test - until then.
-My first daughter, I think I was a week late, maybe even two.
-My second daughter, I was 14 dpo exactly.
-My known miscarrage was a very very faint + at 13 and 15 dpo. (Bleeding started late on 17 dpo).
-This babe I got faint +s at either 10 or 16 dpo (not really charting temps much, had two "peak" days), and every day for the next 3 days, and again a week later. (The line never got darker, it just showed up sooner.)
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