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How long did it take..............

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for you to lose your pregnant belly?

I weighed 112 before I had dd. Now she is 10mo and I have lost most of my pg weight, but I still have a belly. I am skinny everywhere but my round belly. I look about 4-5 mo pg. I guess it's time to start doing crunches. Anyone else have this problem? What did you do?
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Hey, I'll answer this with what some women have told me. I have to say that with my first two kiddos it took probalbly at least 8-9 months. However, this third time it has been super slow....and I believe I have a case of diastasis (separated abs). Anyhow, I posted about it here and did some reading online and discovered you shouldn't do crunches, that actually makes them separate more. There are different ab exercises you need to do. Supposedly they are in a book called "Lose your Mummy Tummy" by a nurse and personal trainer (came out last year and a doula/mw here wrote to suggest it to me in a post about diastasis). I put it on hold at the library and will hopefully be getting it in the next week or two so I can start doing it!
Thanks for answering! How can you find out if you have separated abs?
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