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How long did you have a UTI?!?!

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I developed a UTI on Wed 10th and received an antibiotics which I took for two days only because I started to develope an adverse reaction to it so I was told to stop. The whole time I was onthe antibiotic I took garlic and echinacea tinctures with lots of cranberry juice and water. The dr wanted to call in another antibiotic for me but told me to wait until I get me cultures back to make sure she prescribes the right antibiotic. She never called but so I have continued taking garlic, echinacea and now I am taking goldenseal and a UTI tincture that includes uva ursi and other herbs.

The burning was about 85-90% gone on the 2nd day of antibiotics and the blood in urine was gone on 2nd day as well. Now the burning practically gone except in the mornings it burns just a tiny bit when I first urinate and then after I urinate once or twice more there is no more burning throughout the day.

I never had the backache when I first developed the UTI but two days ago my lower back started aching.

How long did it take for all symptoms to go away while treating the UTI naturally?
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If your low back is aching, you have a kidney infection. You need to get to the doc NOW so that you can take a different medication before you start throwing up. If you let it go, you blood will get toxic and you won't be able to keep anything down which will land you in the hospital on IV abx. Please don't wait.
I agree - get yourself to a doc now.

When I get UTIs (I haven't had one for a few years), they usually are mostly gone by day 2, and completely gone by day 3 of antibiotics.
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