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how long did you rest?

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Just curious how long all you PP mama's rested for - or are planning to rest for. I am just about 2 weeks PP and am now out and about for the most part. I spent the first week in bed & on the couch but started going on short walks on day 7. I have gotten a few "you really should be resting" comments lately. I feel pretty good as long as my days are fairly mellow but i don't want to over do it. Last time i was out & about much earlier but, in retrospect, i am not sure that was the best idea for me emotionally or physically. Anyway, i kinda have a hard time justifying resting...and was curious how long others rested for.
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I'm two weeks, and still taking it easy. I pushed it with my first kids, and now I'm like...this is my ONE time to take it easy! LOL

I am still sore, and I know I overdid it this weekend, so I'm hoping to take it easy this coming week. My friends from my homeschooling group are bringing dinner now that dh is back to work.
I felt like I HAD to get outside when I got home from the hospital. We took a walk around the block that evening, which I felt fine with. Few days later, I decided to try my old pre-preggo walking route, which is 3.5 miles round-trip. That was a little much and I was pretty sore for the next week. I've backed off and worked my way up to the 3.5 miles (I just tried the whole route again last week, at 2 weeks PP). But I was up and taking DD to her pediatrician's appointment the day after I got out of the hospital, and doing errands, etc. with no problem.
i didnt rest as long as i ought to have as dh isnt well right now with his crohns disease and dd1 went down with chicken pox 6 days after dd2 was born. with dd1 it was a week to 10 days, with dd2 i was up and taking kids to school on day 5. needs must. now its theaster holidays and were busy again, then dh will have his surgery and i will have to do everything!

but i think a week is a good minimum.
erm... 2 days

i had her on the monday... on weds i took ds to school and went to town and did my shopping, the midwife told me off.. being a single mum to a 7 year old with aspergers and a newborn means i dont get much rest
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i didn't do anything for the first week...on day 7 DS went to have his newborns pics done. That took ALOT out of me, i napped for 2 hrs straight that day, lol! By the end of week 2 though I needed to get out....still taking it easy, but every couple days I am getting out for a little bit. DH just went back to work I stuck inside unless I want to run after 2 toddlers w/ the baby!

I took it easy for a few days, but I honestly felt great immediately after having the baby so didn't feel the need to rest all that much. I was out running errands and doing my normal routine with cleaning and taking care of the kids right away. I felt a lot better after the baby was born than anytime during the pregnancy!
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hardly at all. immediately after pushing her out i was up and walking around with no soreness whatsoever. had to take dd to the ped the day after we were released. i'm not one to really sit still and we had so much going on then.

dd is 6 wks today and i was able to get out yesterday on my first legit hike since her birth - we did about 3-3.5 miles of moderately difficult terrain, and b got to wear her for the 1st was awesome. i feel so good today!
I stayed in bed for the first two days, and stayed in the house doing pretty much nothing except nursing for the first week. When he was 7 days old, we took him up to my school to meet all my classmates, and we started going for short walks with the dog. And today, at 12 days old, we made a 200 mile round trip car drive so daddy could go to the dentist! But I only had one minor tear, that is pretty much all healed now, and I'm pretty much done bleeding as well. We've been taking about a mile walk everyday since 7 days pp, but we still get a lot of rest and relaxation, sitting home bonding and nursing! I feel really good, so I don't think I'm doing too much. But those first 7 days, my husband did EVERYTHING for me, except nurse the babe!
I think that's made the recovery really easy for me.
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I stayed upstairs in bed for 5, didn't take one step dowstairs until then. I started doing light housework when my mom left (to go back to Texas
) on day 11, and I felt great. I did way too much with ds1 (including going to hosp for birth,
), and I was a wreck for a few days about a week in. My recovery was 100 times better this time around.

Now, at 6.5 weeks pp, I'm staying around the house simply because baby h.a.t.e.s. the car so badly.
This is not a good thing for a toddler who's just had his world turned upside down.

Oh, and I'm super-impressed with you mamas who are travelling by foot 3+ miles at a time this soon!
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oh man, texanatheart - sorry to hear that babe hates the car! My DD hated the car too which really made it hard to go anywhere. I tried everything and the only thing that really helped was a pacifier. Have you tried that yet? I really don't like those things and resisted it at first but in the end, it is what worked.
Thanks, JillyD. I'm up for trying it, but I've only tried a couple times...once when he was really unhappy (bad time, I know) and once when he was chill, but he looked at me like I was from another planet (it was hilarious!). I've been meaning to try more, but haven't...need to add it to my to-do list! He nurses like a pro, and has from the get-go, so I'm not concerned in the least about nipple confusion.

bummer that jackson isn't taking to the car! i think i would be in a padded room by now if eden couldn't stand it. let's trade - you can have eden's enthusiasm for the car, and i'll take some of your milk supply

hope you're having a good visit with your sister!
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I would say follow your own body and listen to what it says. Unfortunately, we all got sick the very day Thatcher was born, so I had to sort of take it easy but I also had to be up and helping the other kids.

I know when my bleeding picks up that I've done too much and to take it easy.

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Now, at 6.5 weeks pp, I'm staying around the house simply because baby h.a.t.e.s. the car so badly.
This is not a good thing for a toddler who's just had his world turned upside down.
Nathan despises the car seat as well...he starts screaming the second his bottom hits the seat!
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I had to get groceries at 6 days pp, but I've mostly taken it easy. Now I'm just taking it easy because he's either nursing or sleeping on me all the time.
I didn't at all. Couldn't even if I had wanted to since I don't have help and dh works constantly but really I have felt amazing. I am loving having the energy to clean and cook!
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