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how long did you wait?

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How long did you wait after a c-section to TTC another one - and why? Thanks!!!
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We waited until dd #1 was a year old before TTC (which means we JUST started TTC dc #2).

We waited this long to maximize my chances of a VBAC. Although the VBAC research can be a little bit confusing (some studies suggest 9months post c/s is great for a VBAC attempt and other suggest 2 years as the best for a VBAC) the various timelines actually seem to boil down to almost the same just depends on whether or not the study looked at the time between the c/s surgery and CONCEPTION of the next babe, or time between c/s surgery and the BIRTH of the next babe. A spacing of about 2 years between surgery and birth seems to be a good minimum in terms of VBAC success.

Of course, plenty of mamas have had VBACs with less than a 2 year spread between their children, and obviously nothing can promise you a VBAC, but waiting till dd was a year seemed like a good idea for several reasons besides the VBAC. For example, some mamas lose their milk when pregnant and I wanted dd to have at least a full year of milk. And I wanted to be back in pre-baby shape before trying for a second child, and a year has been the perfect amount of time for that. Also, my dh is currently unemployed and while I don't expect to be totally "in the black" before having another child, I did want him to have a job so my salary wasn't the only income in case I had to take an early maternity leave.

HTH...good luck mama!
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