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How long did your AIOs last?

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I had two types of AIOs that were used heavily in rotation, and in the end I feel like they didn't last that long. The pul feels wet after a short time, the velcro is kind of sorry, and in general it just looks pretty worn. My oldest ds's fuzzi bunz held up much longer, and that is pul too.
So I'm confused.
Is it the drying that wears out the pul? come to think of it, I didn't dry my FB as much, though I did at times.
It's such a bummer b/c they are more expensive.
I think the problem too is once they are here and clean, they get used first.

Are there any that have the reputation as lasting longer?? I'd like to get a couple more but am discouraged.
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I don't know about their AIOs, but Mother-ease products seem to wear like IRON for us. You might try their AIO-- it's a side-snapping one. We don't have them, but we have their covers and fitteds, and those are really really solid and long-wearing. They still look like brand new after three years of use.

We have two types of AIOs only-- Kushies (passed down from a friend, in continuous use for 4 years with four different kids, they look shabby but still work fine) and Blue Penguin Sposo-easy (they showed lots of wear after only about 7 or 8 months, and some are actually torn from wear).

I can say that our Fuzzi Bunz seem like they'll last forever. I bought them four years ago. They've been in literally continuous use since then, washed every second day the entire four years. They look pilled and worn, but the snaps are still in place, the PUL is fine, and the elastic is fine.

And yeah-- line drying saves a lot of wear on them.
I used cloth diapers for over 5 years (my youngest is now potty learning, we've just moved to disposable pull-ups, *sigh*) and I will say that none of my AIOs really held up that well over time. By far the most likely to have survived and be worthy of being used again with another child, for us, is pockets (OLD Wonderoos & FuzziBunz) and fitteds (Kissaluvs, assorted WAHMs.) I also find that hemp doesn't wear well for us, anything that was hemp is pretty ratty.

What I don't know is if it is anything about the AIOs themselves, or just that they *might* have been in heavier rotation... I honestly don't know.
None of my hemp made it to be passed on to my little dd from my older dd. Only some of my pockets did. I was only able to reuse about half of the PUL (HH, FB and swaddlebees) outer dipes for my youngest-the other half leaked-I tried even putting them in the dryer to "tighten up" the PUL which I have heard helps on occasion. I always air dried mine and they still wore out.

They still look cute though-my 4 yr old uses them as dipes for her teddy bears
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well that's good to know it wasn't just the brand I chose. I thought my second round of bumkins wore out too, but I had a few bumpkins a few years ago with ds1 that were great and seemingly longer lasting, but maybe I just used them less. This time it's my blue penguins that are sorry looking. Too bad cuz I really liked them. I did have some rumpsters AIOs ages ago too that appeared to be made of steel. I think I ended up not liking them and sold them after a while though. I wonder if they're still around. They were pricey though. I have never used motherease though I hear about them all the time. I'll go look em up....
I don't use AIO's regularly but I have a dear friend who does, she's expecting her second and is fairly certain her bumgenius aren't going to make it past #2, they're pretty well loved, and her older child only used them for 20 months or so (maybe even less, I can't remember!)
My solid color LHC aios lasted around 2 years with dd.

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