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how long did your baby last in size small fuzzi bunz

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I'm trying to figure out how many small fuzzi bunz to get. I like these more than BG but I don't want to buy a ton of small because I know he will grow out of them eventually. I know it says till 18 pounds- but I want to get an idea, how long ( at what age) does the "average" newborn fit in a small fuzzi bunz?

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I have no personal experience with smalls, but I would like to know the answer as well!! For what its worth my 25 pounds 1 year old is wearing the mediums on the smallest snap setting...
my 23 pounder can still wear the fb smalls on the last setting, however, I don't use the small at night
Have you tried the fb one size? I only have one now, but so far I really like it

He is 5 months old....
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DS2 is really tiny and he still fits into the smalls. He's about 21 lbs and he'll be 2 in June. DS1 was a gigantic baby and by the time he was 4 mos he fit into mediums and larges, I believe he was about 20 lbs and had the hugest thunder thighs I've ever seen
But then when he was 18 mos he lost a lot of weight from running around and fit nicely into mediums again.
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We moved up to mediums at about 6 months, if I remember correctly. DS had a short rise, so he outgrew the width well before the rise.
Ds wore smalls until 8 months. These were the original style smalls though. I tried one of the newer style smalls on him at 12 months and it fit very nicely.

Hmm...this sounds like the smalls can be used for quite some time. They might be better than a one-size BG 3.0 then...? many small FB are you planning to have on hand?
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My daughter started wearing small fuzzi bunz at 7 months and 15lbs. (She probably could have worn them sooner, though.)

I just recently switched her to mediums. She's 19 months old and 19.5lbs. The smalls still fit width-wise with no problems, but the rise was getting a little short since she's average height for her age even though very thin. And I like the added absorbancy of the larger insert that fits in the mediums for nighttime. Still, if I hadn't had a bunch of mediums already on hand (that my son wore until potty training), I probably wouldn't have bothered switching her yet, because the smalls really were working. She wasn't even on the biggest snap settings yet.

On the other hand, a shorter and chubbier baby probably would outgrow them BEFORE 18lbs (my guess). I think so much depends on the build of the baby when it comes to how a diaper fits.
This is daughter is 18 months and 27 pounds and a medium FB still fits great. It seems the smalls fit for quite awhile too. I know the website says they fit from 7-18 pounds but I'm wondering how well the smalls fit on a newborn??? I recently saw a pic of a 7 pound baby wearing a small FB and it was huge on him. My DD was almost 9 pounds so I figure my next baby would be about that size too (if we're ever blessed with one). Has anyone used FB smalls right from newborn?
I LOVE my old style xs fb on my newborn. perfect fit.
well, right now I have 7 fuzzi bunz small and the rest bum genius all in ones. I like the fuzzi bunz better, but I am hesitant to buy more smalls because, of course I want to get the most worth for my money and once these smalls get to big I'll have to buy medium's.

Of course that's the nice thing about the bum genius all in one- but I like the fuzzi bunz smaller. I need to get more diapers ( about 5 more) but I'm not sure if buying more small's is the smartest choice. many BG AIOs? (Just trying to get an idea of your whole stash...I am absorbing this thread like a little sponge! Thanks!) I like your idea of having some FB smalls...I never thought they would last so long in terms of size...
Our DS wore them about 4 months, if that.
DD until 6 months.
But, DS is 2.5 and can still wear mediums. He is tall, so the rise is a tad low, but they still do the trick and are nice and trim on him. I think mediums are the way to go if you are looking to only FuzziBunz one size. Plus, when they are 0-6 months, they aren't very squirmy, and usually enjoy diaper changes. It gets tougher when they are crawling/walking to change them, so FB are easiest then!

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Has anyone used FB smalls right from newborn?
We had one, a black one we bought for our October baby.
I thought it fit fine, and she was only 6 pounds.
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I think mediums are the way to go if you are looking to only FuzziBunz one size.
: This is a very good thought. Maybe stock up the most on FB mediums, with a few smalls. I wonder if these would replace my original plan for all BG 3.0s...hmm...
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My dd fit into the smalls at 7 weeks and still fit in them at 10 months. I have her in mediums now at 11 months but she could still be in smalls. They are a great value. It is a rare baby who will fit into mediums before 6-8 months.
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