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before it starts to have any effect?
DD is nearly 12mo, with eczema on her back which has gotten very itchy this past month. I've started an elimination diet (gluten, eggs, dairy) and she actually seems to be worse. I know there are other allergens - should i be off those as well? Like soy, citrus, tomatoes, etc. The only thing is that i'm pregnant, so don't want to go too hardcore for the new bub's sake. I'm already quite underweight from constant breastfeeding all night (dd hasn't slept longer than 2hrs w/o feeding since 3mo) so i'm trying to find a balance between helping dd & staying healthy for this pregnancy. It's very frustrating. And as i'm sure a lot of you know, it's HARD doing the diet. I'm tired enough from lack of sleep w/o having to change the way i cook & eat! But poor dd is scratching her back till it bleeds, so i'd like to figure this out asap.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Trish
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