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How long do I wait before worrying about no poop in a 7 month old?

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My 7 month old hasn't pooped in a week. She was eating two small solids meals a day, at least one of which was entirely fruit (the other was usually something like chicken and sweet potatoes or turkey and spring veggies). We've already cut back to only one meal of fruit per day, and sometimes no solids at all. We don't do cereal, oatmeal makes her vomit (which is weird, and another post), and she still BFs at least 6 times per 24 hours. When she was exclusively BF, she would only poop every 7-10 days but was never constipated, so I don't know whether I should be freaking out about this now! She always has access to water on demand, and she'll usually take an extra 2-3 oz throughout the day. She's not acting uncomfortable, or excessively gassy, or straining at all, but she had one incident of really bad dry poop two weeks ago that scared me.

Should I already be doing prunes? Should I have called my ped? My first has never been constipated, but she nursed constantly. This babe could take it or leave it.

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Hi Melissa,

I'm not an expert, but I do have a three year old who has real constipation/fear of pooing issues. It all started way way back after a couple of difficult, dry bowel movements. I would say that if your daughter has had one difficult bowel movement and she usually has a poop every 5-7 days ( or longer) start supplimenting her diet just to keep things nice and easy.


Ah, that message board magic... Of course she pooped today after her nap! It never fails: Post something on a message board and, for better or for worse, the situation reverses itself the next day
The poop was definitely way firmer that it should have been, but was nowhere near as bad as last time.

Tricia, I totally hear you on the poop issues. I've counted myself very lucky we haven't encountered any problems with my older one yet. I will be so careful with this one, thanks!
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If her poop is way harder than it should be, you might want to cut out all solids again. She does not need them and her body is telling you she is not digesting them well.

Cut out all solids and water and add back a few more bfing sessions and see what happens.
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