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How long do you wait before following up after an interview (and another question)?

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Technically I interviewed for a job on May 15th. Its with my same company but just a transfer to a different city. They followed up with me the following week and said HR said to wait for my promotion in June (since its a lateral move) and then fax them that paperwork showing the promotion and my college transcript. The guy I interviewed will send me an e-mail last week about when I would fax him the information so I replied that I would do it this week.

I faxed him the paperwork for my promotion and college transcript on Tuesday of this week and he replied w/an e-mail saying it was received. How long do I wait before I follow up with him?

Question 2:
I am a federal employee and just saw a posting on the USAJOBS federal website for possibly the position I interviewed for. I actually interviewed for two seperate positions in two different departments there and the job posting could apply to either position (similiar job discriptions). Both divisions were looking to hire more then one person. Should I apply online for that posting also? Or should I call the guy I have stayed in contact with and see if its even for the same position?

I have never really interviewed for a job before so I do not know proper protocal.
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I think I'd wait a week on question one if you are wanting to do this transfer soon.. you don't want to get lost in the shuffle. I'd maybe wait a little longer if you're planning on this taking a while, because you don't want to get on anyone's nerves by bugging them to death.

On question 2, definitely call the guy you've been in contact. You'd MUCH rather do things correctly than risk getting on anyone's nerves here because (in my experience) might confuse someone by applying to too many jobs and that could get ugly. I have NEVER regretted picking up the phone to talk to a human (and I'm pretty shy about the phone).
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