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How long does it take WAHM botique to call about payment?

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I ordered some dipes from WAHMbotique last wednesday and got an e-mail saying the individual WAHM would be contacting me regarding payment. So far nothing. I know that they have the covers in stock because that is how they do it. I also can't find a place to e-mail the back. I suppose I could respond to their email notification but I hope it is a place where they actually check their mail, I have seen sites that say specifically not to respond to those instant notifications. LMK if you know how long it takes, I'd like to pay and get those shipped out here. Also, if you know of contact.
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Well you know what site this cuddle product is from, right? Doesn't the site itself have a contact email when you go to the site?
Once upon a time ...when I was a wahmboutique kind a wahm it worked like this ... you place your order goes out to ALL the wahms in the boutique letting them know what products have been ordered and then each individual wahm has to recognize her own product by name and contact the purchaser ... if you know which wahm was the one you ordered from you can always go to her personal site to get her contact info ...or you can just email the wahmboutique ...and your email will be received by ALL the wahms and they'll ask each other until the wahm in question steps up.

I don't know if that's how it still works or not.... any wahmboutique mama's around?
Normally if I order something and don't hear withing 48 hours I normally buzz them. It wouldn't hurt a thing to quickly buzz them
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I'm a WAHMBoutique-er and yes, that is how it works. We all get the orders and we all check each one to see if any of our items were purchased.

This particular incident was a small snaffu and I believe it's been addressed.
And feel free to email the general email addy if you haven't heard anything within 24 hours. We're usually very prompt!
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