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As long as he's gaining weight and has adequate wet and dirty diapers, it's fine. I know the anxiety, though. My second child is this way, a very efficient nurser! My first would be latched on for half and hour or 45 minutes sometimes, but my new baby would go 5-10 minutes! And sometimes he went 3 or 4 hours without being hungry!

I was really concerned that he wasn't eating enough, and I offered ALL the time, but he was getting plenty, The proof was in the diapers, and the way he keeps outgrowing clothes. Now at 10 months he snacks a lot, definitely at least every two hours. I've gotten used to his efficiency, and it's kind of nice knowing that he'll be done quickly when he needs to eat unexpectedly (like when we're running out the door!)

Just watch his weight gain and his diapers. It's more than likely fine. If he doesn't have explosive, green, frothy poop, then he doesn't have a foremilk imbalance. Offer often, you might sneak a few more feedings in that way.
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