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How long for thrush remedies to take effect?

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I have been self-treating myself and my 20-month old for thrush for the past week. The only symptoms were red, shiny burning, itching nipples and aerolas - there was also some cracking and bleeding. DD has no symptoms. I have been following the recommendations from Dr. Jay Gordon's website on treating thrush with GSE.

I noticed some improvement right away. It took a week but the cracks healed, the itching is pretty much gone, and no more pain. However, the aerola is still very red - not really shiny anymore. But, I was wondering how long to treat with GSE or should I go for something else? I have the Gentian Violet stuff - but was really trying to avoid that purple stuff - esp. because I know it will upset DD to see it on me and her. I was thinking I would tell her it was blueberries. Does anyone know if it negates the effectiveness of the GV to eat blueberries before or after (for DD)??

I also am taking acidophillus, garlic, echinacea, and GSE internally. I noticed a HUGE improvement in how I "felt" as a person in just a few days - but the nipple thing is still hanging on. Should I give it another week or two?
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I think the GSE does take a while. I would give it a little longer before going to the GV, especially if you're not having any other symptoms.

If you do the GV, I think blueberries would be fine. All you need is a little bit of GV on a cotton swab, put it in dd's mouth for a second to get it everywhere, take it out. You can even dip the cotton swab in water first (squeeze out the excess) to dilute it a little. I would probably do blueberries afterwards just so you can see what you're doing with the GV application.

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