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Most labors start within 24 hours of waters breaking
concerns are that infection can happen
GBS, BV and Trich are all implicated in causing PROM even around the due date
So it is safer to not have anything enter the vagina because it can push external bacteria upward and I agree with the other protocols mentioned before and would include taking echineacea every 4hrs and using a peri-bottle with a tea/decoction of herbs like lavender, shepherd's purse, and uva ursi after you go to the bathroom or at least every 6 hrs as well and if you use toilet paper to use your own new roll that no one else uses. Change pads often.
With all this said an infection can still be present, especially if it was the cause of the rupture in the first place. so most medical professionals are concerned not just because of some "rules" but because if labor doesn't happen with in the usual 24 hrs chances are higher something could be wrong.
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