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Just got to the point where I realized how I was feeling was getting progressively worse and met all of the classic signs of PPD. My MW agreed, prescribed Zoloft, and asked me to meet with a psychologist who specializes in this. I met with her, and it was fine, I will see her a few more times but we are paying out of pocket, and with two kids it is difficult to get in to see her, plus I don't want to get back into a long term therapeutic relationship.

The zoloft is definately helping even tho it's only been a week, and the side effects (nausea, cold sweats) are diminishing. How long should I expect to stay on zoloft?

Secondly, did you find that therapy helped? In my case, I saw a therapist for a year before I TTC my first son so I know the benefits of therapy (saw her for some personal issues not depression - never had depression before this). But in this case, I feel it is much more hormonal than anything else, and I am doing things to try to reduce my stress (exercise, friends, getting out for playdates, journalling, etc.). And the meds are really helping.

Thanks all!
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