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How long postpartum before high intensity workouts?

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Okay, assuming I don't end up with another freakin' C-section and feel like crap for weeks on end...

I need to get back into an exercise routine as soon as possible after this baby is born. I just feel drained of energy from being so sedentary. Obviously, walking is probably the best way to start, and I do intend to do so.

But what about toning, for example? How long should I wait until it's "safe" for the abdominal muscles? I know they kind of separate to accomodate the growing uterus, right? And is there any reason not to do high impact or high intensity workouts right away (other than the typical "ease into it" reasons if you've been sedentary for any other reason)?
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I have pretty much the same question. I have a two-week old and am getting STIR CRAZY not exercising. (I was on the treadmill, briskly walking the day before she was born- hehe!)

I was given a book at the hospital called "birth steps" which goes over basic baby-care and new-mama care, and says after two weeks you can do "bridges" and "curl ups" which, looks to me like a license to exercise those abs!
I figured I would have to wait longer, but I am going to try some ab work this evening.

No answer on the higher intensity cardio though, like running or whatnot.. anyone?

replying to myself-haha!

So I went to do my "Pilates in Pregnancy" DVDs post pregnancy section and found that it is just doing kegels and pelvic tilts, and tells you to wait till your 6 week check to do anything more. I'm officially confused.
I think my doctor told me to wait until 6 weeks at least and to follow my body at that point. It is something to do with your uterus shrinking back to size. Good luck!!
I think it is very much an individual thing and depends on how you feel. I know that I was back to running on the treadmill at 3 1/2 weeks PP and my MW never said "no" (not that she said go ahead either, but she did know about it). I had been walking on the treadmill since 2 weeks PP with DD in a sling. However, I had a nice and easy recovery even after a big baby and a few stitches.

Granted I was running pretty slow (13 minute/mile pace) and taking a long time to warm up and cool down. However I was sure breaking a sweat even at that pace.

Since then I've been slowly adding speed and distance to my runs and am now doing 11 minute/mile pace for 4 miles. I've also started cycling. The cycling I started at 10 weeks PP, primarily because there was too much snow on the ground before then.

Good luck!
Well, I don't know what the medical opinion is but I went running at just 4 wks PP after a 2nd degree tear. I went again today. I also did major weeding on Sat. and Sun. The weeding seemed much more problematic than the running. It was the squatting, I'm sure. My peri area feels back to wk 2 PP. I think you just need to listen to your body. Good luck.
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