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How long to make scarf for almost 6-yo girl?

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I'm making a drop stitch scarf for a friend's daughter. I CO 16 stitches and the width looks good but I have no idea how long to make it.
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My DS is 5, but the size of an average 6yo. His scarves vary. How do you think she'll wear it? Wrapped around her neck a coupla times? Just hanging loose?

I'd say anywhere in the range of 3-4 feet long would probably be good. Width at 16 sts sounds just right!
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I think she'd wrap it around once or twice. I was aiming for 36-46 inches, so that sounds about right! I'm at around 30 right now.

I make adult scarves (that are meant to be worn for warmth in the winter) about the same length as the person's height. That worked well for the adults in my life

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I always make keyhole scarves for little kids (with a hole near one end for the other end to go through). That way, you don't have to worry so much about strangulation hazards on the playground, etc. Also, the scarf can be quite short, as there's no need to tie.

peace, Beth
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