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How long to you expect your diapers to last?

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I know we would all like them to last through the child's diapering days and maybe even through more than one child.

But long are your diapers really lasting before they start getting frayed or holes?
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I bought a pile of 2nd hand diapers - we've used them constantly for over a year now, and I am just starting to notice holes in the material (plain cotton, non-stretchy, not fancy).
I find the velcro goes before the matterial... All the diapers we had with DS this was the case and they were used over a year with him. They still can be used just fine I just had to resew the velcro on some of them... I would expect diapers to last at least a year though... Except they dont' seem to fit that long. lol
Well, my entire stash is prefolds, basically, a few AIOs thrown in for outings, etc, but they are not used that often. I plan to have 3 children and if my PFs aren't aropund for my grandkids I'll be very disappointed! LOL! I'm a tightwad though...
I should clarifly - I mean fitteds.

I think prefolds will typically outlast fitteds.
Well I've got to say my initial reaction was disappointment when I noticed some of ours (particularly HH) getting a bit the worse for wear. And all our joeys and stuffins have holes developing round the serging. But then, when I think about it, I think 12 months solid use for something in constant rotation is not really bad.

I'm glad I noticed it when I did though. Eliza is 15 months and pretty much ready for a new stash which we've started building. But I'm sticking mainly with hardy things like prefolds/contours since I do expect I'll need a tad more than 12 months out of this lot.

I really wouldnt expect to be able to hand much down to a new baby unless it was prefolds. Not that there'll be anymore babies for me.

I just look at it like it costs money to diaper your child. And as long as it doesnt cost me more than for disposables, Im happy.
At least 2. BUt I never dry in the drier so they last a lot longer.
i have a couple of biobottoms covers, the wool ones, that are on their fourth child. and some chinese prefolds too.

but having said that, most dipes just last for one child. and i'm very easy on laundering. i have a couple of lukes drawers that have lasted for more than one child, and fuzbaby covers. babymoons are awesome and seem to last better than just about anything else. but honestly, that's about it. even stuff like fuzzibuns just seems to reach a point where it starts to leak, i assume due to some sort of "exhaustion" of the fabric.
diapers can last for years and years but sometimes they do develope holes but that does not mean they are useless at that point either. Diapers are meant to be used until there is nothing left of em.
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I have had the large HH I use now since i think january they get used alot probably washed every day to every other day. they are washed according to directions and always hang dried and the velcro is fraying and coming off on the bottoms and one print has wholes in it already and some of the solids are getting little balls so for me I guess not that long! my kissaluv fitted has held up well though not very absorbent but it is holding its own!
forever! :LOL

ugh, the idea of my berry patches kicking the bucket is just too much to bear. i'd hope at least a year or two.

: now i'm worried. and sad.
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Originally Posted by plum
forever! :LOL

ugh, the idea of my berry patches kicking the bucket is just too much to bear. i'd hope at least a year or two.

: now i'm worried. and sad.
I know! Me too! I have 3 BP's and I really like them!
I felt so sad for you when I saw this post!

As for me, I've only had one fitted ever develop a hole and that was by the snap of the snap in soaker (the hemp underside). I've been cloth diapering for 8 months but I honestly don't think I have a diaper in my "collection" that's over 4-5 months old. We go through major turn over here! :LOL
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I've only had trouble with failing elastic so far, no holes at all... and for elastic "issues" you really just need a good functioning cover. So at 18 months.... so far so good!

btw, it's always lastin and not 'braided elastic' that fails...
I expect my diapers to last through multiple children, but then I have such a large stash that each diaper only gets used once per week, so I think that may help extend the life of my beloved stash.
(And frankly, if something starts to fall apart and be useless as a diaper, I think I'll enjoy replacing it!)

ETA: I think that having a hemp/cotton blend material helps a lot with durability, from what I understand. I try to buy hemp when I want the dipe to last for a loooooong time.
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I was surprised when I first started out, I bought Bumkins AIO's and the note inside said to expect them to last 6months to a year.

But then it also said to remember they are washed ALOT more than normal clothing. That is true.

I'd imagine if I washed some of my favorite t-shirts every 2 days for 6 months, they'd look pretty old, but I'd still wear them.

Maybe alot of different factors have to do with how fast diapers wear out.
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