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How long will a new born be in the premie prefold

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My babies usually are small Rachel was 7 pounds Kimberly was 7 pounds 11 ounces. I was wondering about how long will the newborn be in the premies I just dont know how many I should get and I dont want to get to much my diapering system will be prefolds. I did buy some infant chinese prefolds can a newborn fit in those? Thanks

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DD wore them for about 3 weeks, she could have easily worn them longer but she was finally fitting into her fitted diapers so I switched
She was 6lbs 10 oz at birth and they probably would have fit to around 9-10lbs on her.
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If they fit up to 10 lbs, my first DD would have been in them about three months (maybe longer, since she's always been long and skinny). I suppose it just depends on the baby.
I got two dozen since they go for $1/each, and you can use them later as doublers or HH stuffin, spit rags, etc.

edited to add that the 24 premie ubcpfs aren't the only tiny diapers I have. If they were, I'd have gotten at least three dozen.
On Jenna (who was 4 pounds 13 ounces at birth... my smallest ever!), she wore the preemie prefolds until she was about a month old. She is a COMPLETELY super soaker, and I just felt better putting her in the infant sized pfs.

HTH some!
Ohhh, this is good to know! I bought 15 and figured they'd only work for about the first two weeks (my boys were both 8.5ish lbs at birth), but I also figured that I could use them for mama ppd pads and for doublers. Since I got them hand dyed and so cheap, I was all over buying them!
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My dd was 7'12" and 21" at birth. She started in infant size UBCPFs and was over 10# by 2 weeks. She would have outgrown the preemie size by then. She outgrew the infant size at about 2 m/o. HTH Congratulations

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My ds was 8'3" at birth, and soaked through preemie prefolds from the git-go! Even two doubled up weren't absorbant enough. We had to move to infant sized 4x8x4's within a week.
I don't know how long they would have lasted on my ds (we started cding at 4 months), but if you don't want to buy any, my mom used to fold an infant sized one into thirds -- lengthwise -- and use it that way with ittie-bittie babes.

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