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How long does it usually take you to sell things on Craigslist of kijiji?

If my stuff isn't sold in six hours I start to get impatient.
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It has taken me more than a week, sometimes several weeks. Depends on what you're selling. I sell such things as livestock and farm stuff. My market is smaller and spends little time on Internet.
Totally depends on what you are selling, I bought cabinets on there a year ago and the woman selling them tried for a couple months. That was completely related to the economy though, no one was really interested in remodeling anything. so we also got them for a really good deal, brand new-1500 worth of cabinets for 500. Sweet deal.
I agree with Norasmomma, depends on what you are selling. I think it took us about 5 days to sell a car.
Smaller cheaper items sell quickly for me, i'd say less than a week. Higher priced items might take awhile longer. The only thing i sold in less than six hours was our old tv.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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