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Originally Posted by clavicula
i have to tell you, they are never painful, no bleeding, they aren't became regular and stronger, my cervix is okay, no infection
I had my 32 week appointment yesterday and basically asked this same question. I get BH pretty frequently and they seem to be getting stronger (with a lot of pressure) and my OB asked if I had any unusual discharge, bloody show, etc - no to all those. I won't have an internal check until July 11th, but with my DD at 36 weeks I was 2cm and starting to efface and had her at 38 weeks. I also had a lot of BH with her and labor was 3.5 hours long with her! I'm hoping these really are "practice" contractions and getting my body ready to birth this babe.

So all that to say I'm in the same boat and my OB said they are normal!

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