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I am the BH contractions "Queen". With my first pregnancy I hardly had any, and same with DD #2; with DD #3 and DD #4 I had so many I lost count! They are really annoying, I must say, but I did go full-term with all my pregnancies with no complications (thank God). I don't know if they had anything to do with this, but all four of my labors were under 2 hours; I was NEVER dilated before labor started, but once it did, I just flew through it.

Flapjack is right; they do assist in positioning the baby for birth. Your uterus has actually been contracting since the beginning of pregnancy, you are just aware of them now. The uterus is practicing/training for the marathon of birth. I love the hugging analogy; I'll remember that in a few months!

The standard is 4-6 contractions per hour, but I'll tell you I had way more than that at times, they they'd completely disappear. As long as your cervix is not changing, those contractions are normal for you. Irritating, isn't it?
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