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How many dad/grandparent/babysitter diapers do you have

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How many easy diapers, the kind that you make sure are clean for a sitter or possibly DH, do you have? Do you think you need more or could get away with less?

Right now we have 12 Fuzzi Bunz but I am thinking about selling some, but then I worry that I will regret it.
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Actually I don't have any. I used to have a few FB's and a few Angelwraps for when grandma watches them but I sold them all.
DH has actually been reaching for the fitteds and wool before anything else. And Grandma CD'ed my DH so she is great at figuring out how everything fits.

Ok, I just realized that probably didn't help you at all
. How many times are they actually with sitters? can DH change anything different than a FB?
Mine are only at grandma's house without us maybe once a month and DH is actually enjoying using the other dipes. I would think you could get away with less than 12 FB's just for DH and sitters
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DH and I use the same diapers - fitteds with fleece-topped doiblers.

Boo has only ONCE stayed with anyone other than DH or I - my mom for about 3 or 4 hours - and she used the same diapers as well.
I dont have any either, mom just grabs what she knows she can put on. many times he has ended up in a pull-up though, until the past few days.
I have 4 Cuddlebuns and a fleece Cuddlebuns cover that stays at my mothers. I have 10 FBs for going out and 3 Knickernappies for an emergency babysitter. I have on order 3 EarthyBaby wool soakers that will go to my mothers, but the owner is MIA! My dh likes using fitteds and wool when we are home.
The first aios I bought (on ebay) after we began CDing are now our Daddy diapers. I have 4 of them. They hardly ever get used.
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I have a couple of HH's and Fuzzi Bunz that Ryan will reach for first. When he has gone thru those he gos for the Cuddlebuns and a cover.
We have a very simple system - fitteds (all the same kind) and wool soakers. I have the diapers folded neatly and ready to go. What they take off is exactly what they put back on, in case they have any questions. I would never expect someone to pick out any diaper out of a stash containing a wide variety of WAHM diapers and know how to put on any given diaper (whether it is side-snapping or front-snapping, whether it needs a cover, etc.). I don't think it matters what type of diapers you use as long as your "helper" only has to learn one system.
thus I must sew sew sew and trade trade trade for those great aio's. Boogers!!
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We just use fitted dipes and wool for when he is with Grammy or a sitter-it honestly doesn't happen too much as all our family lives in different states though. I bought 7 pocket dipes for daddy, but he has yet to change him once in ds's 15mo.
I would at least keep 8 (just my opinion), that's the # I pack, but I have never really left ds for more than 6 hours...sorry I guess I wasn't much help.
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I used to have a lot but realized he is hardly with anyone but me. Now I have 4 Bumkin's AIOs, 2 FCB AIOs, 3 BB AIOs and PF's and wraps/1 wool cover at my moms for if she has him when he naps.
Uhhh, not many.

I have 2 daytime FB, 2 Daisy Doodles and 3 SP1. MIL put ds in just the SP without a cover until I told her it needed a cover (she marched back upstairs with him to put a cover on though).
Dh can do whatever we've got, I
that guy. He doesn't always know which inserts go to what when it's laundry day, but he knows how to fasten everything. My mom and sister are kind of enthralled with my (err, ds's) dyed prefolds, the snappi and the ME AF covers because of the snaps. I figure they'll figure out how to put it on or end up wiping up the floors somewhere.

Strangely enough, I'm actually thinking about selling the FB and DD to get some wool...
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I have 5 Kushies AIO's I use for Church daycare or when MIL babysits.

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