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I'm afraid to ask this because I might feel justified to go out and buy more! But, I'm curious...

I have a one year old daughter in CD and we have...

20 medium Fuzzi Bunz
20 cottonbabies inserts
12 microterry towels
5 premium dyed prefolds
18 infant prefolds (these don't fit her anymore)
6 preemie prefolds (I had 12 but they went missing)
8 assorted fitteds, including nighttime ones
3 wool covers (one doesn't fit, though)
1 pair of wool pants for pajamas
a few doublers that don't go with any particular diaper

How about you?

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Dd is 16 months old and we have:
15 Imse Vimse one size fitteds
12 Kissaluvs size 1-they STILL fit her!
6 made by me fitteds
6 BSWW size med
3 crocheted wool shorts made by me
18 premium IPF
6 trimmed IPF
and 36 more IPF one the way...I may make these into fitteds...

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The diaper stash for my 15mo is pretty simple, and I like it this way much better than when we had a mish mash of too much. Too big of a stash just makes me feel crazy. It's fun shopping for it, but in reality I prefer a pretty simple stash.

2 dozen premium prefolds
6 fitteds
3 Bummis SWW
2 Proraps
2 Airflows
2 Loveybums wool
1 Aristocrat soaker
1 WAHM soaker
2 Dappis nylons

I also have some toddler prefolds and some pockets and aios, but those never get used so I'm not counting them. I just listed what we actually use.
I don't even have a clue how much I have in nb, small, and mediums.

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My son is 5 months and we just started CDing.....I wanted to try out quite a few things so I went a bit nutty...but I am actually sending back quite a few of my fitteds because I ended up not liking the Kissaluvs very much as well as the Ecobaby, Growing Greens, Sckoon and Snug to Fit (none of those fit well and the Kissaluvs fit great but don't absorb much in my opinion....right now, my stash consists of:

12 Kissaluvs size 1 (sending 10 back)
1 Snug to Fit one size (sending back)
1 Growing Greens one size (sending back)
1 Sckoon small (sending back)
1 Happy Hempy
1 Ecobaby one size sherpa (sending back)
2 Ecobaby Absorb it All smalls (sending back)
3 Under the Nile
1 Swaddlebees OV small
2 Cuddlebuns small
2 Doodlebottoms

I have 2 Little Beetle fitteds and a Little Beetle One on the way to try out too...if I like those, I will probably order more to replace the Kissaluvs I'm returning. I hear the Little Beetle's are great.

2 Lucy's Hope Chest size small
1 Jam Tots Berry Plush small
1 Bumkins Medium (doesn't fit yet)

1 Mommy's Touch one size
1 Happy Heiny's small
1 *******'s Pants small
1 Bum Genius one size
1 Fuzzi Bunz small

1 Bummi small
1 Re-Uzm small
1 Cot-n-Wrap small
1 Aristocrats wool soaker small
1 Bummis Polar Fleece Medium
1 Bumpy Night cover small
2 Stacinator Fleece small
2 Wigglewormbottom covers small
1 Bumpkins small
1 Bear Bottoms Fleece small

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I just started CDing 4 month old DD and we have:

about 20 premium prefolds

4 kissaluvs (2 sz 1 and 2 sz 2)
1 HH hugger sz M
1 other fitted

1 AIO zoom baby gear
4 Kushies AIO's sz M
4 HH pockets sz M

2 super whisper wraps
2 imse vimse nighttime covers that I use al the time

3 other AIO's I was given that are too small

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Well, if you want someone to make you feel better, I'm here for ya!

I'm working on CD-ing my third baby....and so I have complete nb, small, medium, and large stashes. It's...shocking almost. I don't really even want to know, but I'd guess I have 3-5 dozen diapers in every size, as well as a dozen covers plus wool in every size....I'd say I have:

prefolds: 3 dozen preemie, 3 doz infant, 4 dozen premium
fitteds: 3 dozen xs, 3 doz. small/medium, 1 doz large
AIO's: 2 doz XS, 2 doz small, 2 doz med, 2 dozen large

what does that add up to?

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My DD is 15 mos old and we have:

18 Swaddlebees pockets
21 Swaddlebees microfiber inserts
1 BumGenius + insert
10 microfiber cloths
12 infant IPFs
12 premium CPFs
2 Swaddlebees fleece covers
2 Snappis

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I'm not 100% sure about quantities, but right now I've got about 8 dozen pfs, 4 dozen fitteds, 3 dozen pockets, 2 dozen AIOs and 2 dozen covers. An assortment of brands. The girls are outgrowing their XS, nb and preemie stuff and I'm slowly sizing up. I'm going to pretty much go with pfs and fb with a few fitteds and AIOs as special treats. This way I can spend my $$$ on covers. I'll also probably try some flats and some hemp and sherpa flats or pfs.

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DS is 11mo and we just started CDing.

36 IPFs (I'm going to trim a few)
2 fleece stacinator deluxe
4 polar bummis
2 bummi SWW
2 fleece Swaddlebees
variery of doublers

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I found the best quantity for our stash to be the following:

3 dozen AIOs (Fluffymail and Very Baby)
Half dozen pockets for overnight or long car rides (FB)
4 Fluffymail Nightlights
4 Kiwi Pie wool covers
Various pieces of knitted wool
1 dozen fitteds

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oh brother..... i am afraid to think about it... ds is 4 mo..

12 fuzzi bunz w/ MOE inserts
6 happy heiny's
12 organic fitteds
6 thirsties fitteds
24 thirsties cpfs
4 starbunz covers
2 starbunz aios
2 bumkins covers
4 rumpsters aios
6 bumwear pockets
2 dragonfly aios
2 valor-kids fitted
1 Cottonspuds (sushi) fitted
12 organic cotton diaper liners
tons and tons and tons of of wool...

and, i am totally leaving a lot out. this is just what's clean and staring at me from ds's changing table.
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