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How many dipes do you actually use?

  • 10 or less

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • 10-20

    Votes: 28 24.6%
  • 20-29

    Votes: 35 30.7%
  • 30+, a true hyena

    Votes: 50 43.9%
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I know we all have more dipes than we can reasonably use, :LOL. But how many are in your rotation. I recently met a mom that only had 10 AIO's! I had no idea you could get away with so few.
I use 12 Fb's and 24+ UBCPF's that dd and ds share, and 5 whole fitteds, wait no, make that 6
. I know I don't need all the pf's but I have them so I use them.

Edited to add, how many *per child*

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I voted 30+ because I only wash every 3rd day. For preschool we use 12 wonderoos, 2 beccabottom pockets and 1 AW QD AIO so that is 15. Then for home at night and home and outings on weekends we use about 15 SOS, 10 El Bees (I have another 9 El Bees on the way and I know I will use every one of them
), 1 Muttiqin and lots of wool and fleece. So that is another 26. I have also started using CPFs a bit to practice folding and snappi-ing so add another 4-6.

Then we have a lot of other stuff (mostly Sugar Peas) that dont really ever get used but they are impossible to find prints so I can bring myself to part with them.

ETA -- I totally forgot about our WIOs and shell sets! How could I do that! We use RB shell sets a ton at home too -- I have lots of snap ins so I just change those out and use the cover a few times. I have 2 WIOs (Luxebaby and Harleyz) on the way and I KNOW I will just love them so they will get used a lot too.

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This is my Diaper stash (not including stuffers), and they all get used regularly:

12 unbleached premium prefolds.
3 bleached prefolds
3 fleece topped hemp fussy folds
5 Happy Heiny's (3 M, 2 L)
3 Sammy Sherpa's 1 size fitted
1 Cuddlebuns
6 Fuzzi Buns
3 Wonderoos

On the way, I have:
3 Fuzzy Bunz
4 cuddlebuns
1 Aunt B's
and another fitted.

It always looks so scary when you put it down on paper... too much money spent!

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C is only 3 mo, and tho the poop'g has slowed down, he pees often.
He's coverless a lot which really helps us change him fast. And I'm guessing he's in or prepping for a growth b/c he's a nursing machine right now and I find myself once again changing his diaper 2-3x/night b/c it'll be so wet when I check. He had been sleeping through the night... but not right now.

Anyway, he goes through lots. (I'm scared to count my diapers tho-- please don't make me
: )

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Our stash is so boring, I am working on getting some prints.

24 UBCPFs regular
22 ME OS
and 12 tiny tots fitteds (from the baby market place)

for my DS 3 HH trainers for bedtime.

Usually come wash day I have about 18 ME OS and 6 or so PFs to wash. I stuff the HH trainers w/ PFs. So that is for 2 kiddos.

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I'm in the 30+ range ...

I regularly use
4 FCB Nightlights
4 FCBs
2 FCB Envelopes
2 Valor Kids fitteds
4 Holden's Landing fitteds
2 Holden's Landing Inside-Outs (one is his bathing suit)
3 Holden's Landing AIOs
1 Knickernappies
2 Happy Heineys
1 unknown pocket
2 red fleece pockets
2 PP fitteds
1 Soul Mother AIO
1 Kissaluvs contour w/ Imse Vimse Bumpy Day Cover
3 Kiwi Pie wool covers
1 KennaBums wool cover
2 pairs Pickle Pants
2 TB wol covers

and a bunch of things that I'm blanking on now ...

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Well over 30 (pocket diapers, AIO's, fitteds, covers), and we use them all! I do have a shelf full right now that I need to sell, but I'm not counting those..

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I only have 14 (if that) AIO's. That's all. No other dipes. Yep, it's driving me crazy to have so few dipes but I simply cannot afford more at this point.
So, it's certainly not by choice that I only use that many.


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Uh, I use 39 but am nowhere near being a hyena.
I have a grand total of 59 diapers; 28 of those are premium prefolds, 20 are infant prefolds. I had to dip into my infant prefolds to put diapers on ds today while everything's drying (we managed to use all 39 in less than 3 days, ugh).


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I guessed 20-29 but I didn't actually count them. We could definitely use some more, not all of those fit him well or really work well at all.

ETA: that's not including the 2 dozen prefolds that are too small, they're only used for doublers or layins occasionally.
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