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How many diapers to bring?

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I apologize in advanced if this question has been asked on other occasions.

For those of you who Cd'ed at the hospital, how many dipes did you bring with you? We only plan on staying for 24 hours. Our system will be mainly fitteds and AIOs if that helps.

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Some people say their newborns used a lot of diapers in the hospital and some people say they hardly used any. Even if you only plan to stay 24 hours, bring enough for 48 hours, just in case. I would think 18-24 would be plenty even if you have a poop machine.
I think its a crap shoot. LOL That was a good one. I agree with the pp, some go thru alot, some dont. Mine used probably 3 diapers in the 4 hours we were at the birth center after her birth. She started pooping and peeing right away.
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