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how many for daycare?

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Moms who send cloth to daycare with their child, how old is the child and how many do you need for daycare? I do mostly fitteds/prefitteds and wool but we have 11 fuzzi bunz as well. Sara is 15months and will be starting daycare in June full-time so I have been buying fuzzi bunz on the TP whenever I see a good price. How many am I going to need for full-time daycare? I assume they'll change every 2 hours or so so I'm guessing I might need a few more for every other day washing? We are separating from the military and moving home and my husband will be active duty National Guard. However, due to manning issues he needs to cross-train into another field and that means he'll be gone most of the next year. So I'll essentially be a single mom working full-time with a daughter in school and a daughter in daycare. I can't wash every day. I need to wash every other day. And what sort of wetbag will I need for daycare? Do you send a diaper pail with a liner or just a large wetbag? Also, do you send wipes or does your daycare use cloth wipes taht you send? I'm not worried about the daycare using my diapers because I refuse to send her to a daycare that won't use them and because I most likely have a homecare situation for both of the girls already anyway. I'm just wondering what the specifics are and how you stay organized for the week with your cloth?

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Hi. I sent my oldest son to daycare starting at 14 months old. I used to pack a diaper bag with about 4 clean diapers. I would be gone about 8 hours and I found that if I put on a clean one right before going having 4 clean ones was enough for us. I just packed a diaper bag with diapers and a small bummis wet bag. I also kept a roll of flushable liners at daycare for her to use. Often she wouldn't use my wet bag as she was scared to get it dirty, lol, so she would give me a grocery bag of diapers when I went to pick up. All I asked her to do was take the old diaper off and put it in the wetbag as is and I would take care of it when I got home and repack for the next day. My daycare was in home so she always seemed to do a bit more so often she would soak my diapers for me and they looked pretty clean when I got them from her, but it really isn't necessary. Oh, she had a big container of disposable wipes that she used for all the kids so we went with that. She would use a washcloth if she thought he had a bit of a rash so you may want a few cloth wipes for those occasions, discuss with your daycare and see what works best.

I've heard of people packing a couple of wetbags with the clean dipes after each wash so they are ready to go until the next wash so you could have a couple of wetbags and pack the clean diapers in them and just grab one when you restock the diaper bag. I would think 10-12 diapers would be plenty to wash every couple of days.

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I'm in the same boat. I've decided to get a dozen happy heinies (i figure 6 a day is PLENTY- my son will be 9 mos.) and use our regular prefolds at home- so i should be able to get away with wash every other (or every third if i'm lucky!) day. The DC said that i just have to supply a container to put them in- i think this would depend on their set up as to which is best- Having been a daycare worker- an extra diaper pail would have been a pain- one more thing for the kids to get into. So my plan is to get a dry sac, and a hook from a dollar store that they can mount and keep out of the way (if that works for them- I'm going to ask when i go for the tour which they'd prefer) Even if you opt for a pail, i think i'd still get a large sac to line the pail with and is easy to take home at the end of the day.

As for cloth wipes, as long as there's a water source, or you provide the sol'n in a bottle, I can't see there being any problem.
We've done cloth dipes at 2 different daycares, first with my then 2yo DS#1, now with my 4mo DS#2. For a 15mo DD, I think 12 daycare dipes would be enough to wash every couple of days if you can wash and dry the dipes in the evening and have them ready to go for the next day. I make sure my 4mo old DS has 7 dipes/day, but they usually go through only 4-5. I just send extra in case he has an especially poopy day. I have 18 daycare dipes and have no trouble washing every 3 days. For both the daycares where I've done CD, we've sent a wetbag. The first one had an extra trashcan next to the one where they threw their dirty dipes, and I just put my MOE hanging wetbag in the trash can (the elastic top hugged the top of the can nicely), and picked it up at the end of the day. Our current daycare just puts our wetbag next to their trash can for the other dirty dipes (in a cabinet under the sink) - they don't have room for another can, but are planning to install a hook inside the cabinet so they can hang my wetbag. For my 2yo, the daycare used their sposie wipes, but my 4mo old has sensitive skin so I send cloth wipes for him and they just wet them in the sink, then toss them in the wetbag with the dirty dipe. Each day, I pack the day's dipes (and a bunch of wipes a couple of times a week) in a clean wetbag, put them in his diaper rack (at his daycare, each child supplies their own dipes) at daycare, put the wetbag in the designated spot, and pick it up at the end of the day.
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i just got 2 aplix verybaby aio's and i'm very impressed so far, i'm hoping the daycare will be impressed, too!
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Well I'm glad to see that I can probably spend my paypal on something fun instead daycare diapers that I personally will never use! We should be okay I guess. i just know I'll be crazy busy and the girls will be acting up because of the move and because daddy's gone AGAIN so I definitely won't have the time to wash daily. And plus I'm just too lazy for that! Thanks so much everyone. I feel a little better prepared. Just need a big wetbag now!

We use Fuzzibunz for daycare since they're not at all intimidating to those who don't usually cloth diaper.

I pack 6 clean dipes every day. She normally goes through 4 of them, but I like to send a couple extra just in case.

Daycare uses disposable wipes, which is OK with us. We don't supply those, and it is easier for them to deal with all the same wipes for everyone.

Dirty dipes are put in a sturdy, reusable shopping bag (those thicker ones you can get - not the thin Safeway ones). I rarely have to replace the bags, because the dipes are folded up and nothing gets onto the bag itself.
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