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We double up all the time now to make the diaper a little bulkier so it fits our thinning down DS better in the legs. We use MOE inserts and for doublers MOE doublers, joey bunz, knitted wool, or kissaluvs super soaker doublers seconds (my favorite now because they are our bulkiest doublers). If you like thin, MOE doublers and joey bunz are both thin. JB are really absorbant. If you use JB with cotton babies inserts (which I *believe* are microfiber), put the cotton babies layer closest to the baby cuz they absorb liquid quicker than JB.

You could always start out conservative and get more doublers if need be. has free shipping if you need to get more doublers at some point. Also, some people use microfiber towels from the automotive section of big box stores like target, walmart, etc.
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