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How many of you have had spotting?

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I had no spotting with ds1, but with this kiddo, I have been lightly spotting now for almost two days. Eeek! My HPT was positive, and I am going to go in tomorrow for a blood test. Which kind of test tells you the level of your hormones? (quantative or qualative?) Please tell me this is normal!

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I had spotting with DD and everything was great with her. You want a quantatitive HCG done - the qualitative just gives you a yes/no answer. You'll also have to go back 2 days later for another quant HCG because 1 test doesn't tell you anything. The thing you want to see is that the # is going up by at least 60% (they prefer doubling though). You can also ask to have a progesterone test done and that can give you a little idea if the pregnancy is healthy. They want to see a level of at least 15 to sustain a pregnancy....if it's low, they can give you supplements to fix it.

For example, at 13 DPO my HCG was 38. At 16 DPO (3 days later, but it ran Fri - Mon), it was 157. 2 days later, it was 372. 2 days later it was 967. So, don't think that just having the 1 test done will give you all the answers. Waiting is hard, but it's worth it.

Having said all of that, I'm sure everything is OK. Spotting, as long as it's brown or pinkish, is considered "safe." I've even heard of people having bright red spotting and the baby still being OK. Try not to freak (although I know from personal experience that it's easier said than done!!!). If you have any more questions, I'll be happy to (try to) answer them for you.
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I had some blood on the tp this morning. I am hoping it was just from dtd last night. I hope you appt goes well tomorrow.
Not in your DDC, just wanted to reassure you...I had spotting in my first and second trimesters. Most of the time it was light pink, but sometimes it was bright red. I ended up having an u/s to rule out placental problems, but it wasn't anything like that. I was afraid I was miscarrying (every woman in my family has had one butme). My babies were born two months early, but it had nothing to do with my earlier spotting. My midwives decided I probably had a polyp on my cervix that made me bleed.

Also, one of my sisters actually hemmorraghed (sp?) while she was pregnant, and she carried a healthy baby to term despite it. Good luck,and I hope I have made you feel better.
I've been spotting on & off since about 5 days before I found out I was pg. Let me think, I guess that's about 3 weeks now....about 2-3 of those days I didn't spot at all. If I'm seeing old blood I don't freak, it's the pink & red that bother me so. But I go back in a few minutes later & it's back to brown so I'm pretty sure everything's alright (except during those few minutes after I've wiped & it's pink or red on the TP....then I'm sure I'll m/c at any moment). With my last pg I had a polyp on my cervix that bled. I forgot about that until Nepen mentioned that. I spotted with my last pg until I was around 12 weeks or so.

I've had spotting(little bit of brown, alot of red, and then back to brown) with this pregnancy too.

I am seeing a ob right now, and we did an u/s and saw the baby, and did a hcg on mon and will do another on friday, just to make sure. Ob said mabye the baby was just digging into my uterus a little deeper
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I've had spotting off and on twice now, and I'm only 7 weeks. It's very light, but it terrifies me every time I see it. Twice, it's been bright red. One time there was even a tiny clot in it. My midwife said not to worry unless it got heavier or was accompanied by cramps. I got to see the
yesterday, so I guess everything is OK. I'm still nervous though. I do wonder if I have a polyp(s). I had been having weird pre-menstrual spotting for several months when TTC. At my last pap in August I bled some and my GYN said it could have been from a polyp. I hope that that's all it is. I hope everything is OK for you.
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