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How many outfits?

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How many outfits do you think is sufficient for a 2 year old little boy?
I am trying to get rid of stuff and cut back.
I buy alot of junk- at yard sales etc- that I never even put him in.
I was thinking- I could buy 10 outfits- on the trading post or ebay or something- and actually save money. Then have maybe 10 play clothes outfits that were just for getting dirty- and that is it.
How do you handle this?
And how do you handle getting rid of things- that you have memories of?

Thanks for any ideas?
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Good question! With my son I think I did pretty much as you suggested. 7-10 outfits plus a supply of playclothes. I'm finding it harder with my daughter; I have tons of hand-me-downs, which it's great to have, but there are so many I don't even know what she has. I think I'm happier with a smaller amount of clothing.
Well I got 6 off the trading post- 4 new with tags... So I am looking forward to that.
NOw I just have to get rid of all the junk!
We are moving again and I hate to bring all of this along again!
I try to aim for 14 (with only a couple of really nice ones) - that gives me at least a week before I need to do laundry again!
I wish I could cut my dd's clothing supply down sometimes. She has tons of hand-me-downs as well. But I save them for my newest dd. I enjoy getting clothes and I guess that sometimes I wish I would slim my supply down..guess it's an addiction to get clothes for great prices

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For a two year old, I'd go with about 14. Enough for a week's worth of laundry plus extras in case he plays in mud or whatever, lol! My 2 year old is a total slob, so I could go through two outfits a day with her at least (if she's a mess at home it's one thing, but if we go out, I'll change her outfit if it's dirty.)

Now I usually buy my older boys 7-10 shirts and 7 pairs of pants or shorts and that works for them.
My current 2 yr old needs a few more things, I think. He plays hard. Always rolling in the sand, dirt, ect. I don't like to stifle that kind of play so he gets really dirty. He only has like six outfits and a couple pairs of pj's. Hard to believe since he has two older brothers but I loaned stuff out and never got it back.
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OK, I lied. I just searched the basement again and found tons of clothes for my toddler! Thanks for inspiring me to look harder.
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My girls (6 & 3) have about 2 weeks worth of clothes each - casual - they also have nice dresses for church, going out with us (to the ballet, for example) or for family wedding/funerals, etc.

As for clothes you can't part with - I have done two things. I brought both my girls home from the hospital in the same outfit. I now have it in a shadow box displayed with locks of hair, a baby cap, booties, pictures, etc.

I have also used other clothes to make a rag quilt - first step outfits, first tooth, etc. You can use the clothes as either the top side of the quilt or the underside (since it's REALLY soft) and place some fabric on top that matches your decor.

Everything else I gave to charity, freecycle, my church nursery, expecting moms I knew, or my neice who is a bit younger than my youngest.

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I have to store outfits a year. then they aren't so sentimental.

i have 3 boys in annual hand me down more. ds3 has TONS of clothes. I jsut weeded down to 14 outfits and he still doesn't wear them all. But last year he had so many that were never worn. All hand me downs too so I felt I needed to keep them.
We're moving too. I've just kept the ones I actually dress him in. I had so many cute shirts or shorts or shoes or whatever that either he didn't like and wouldn't wear, or had nothing to match them, so never got worn.

But we still have alot of clothes. My babies get dirty too and go through on average, 2 outfits per day. In Colorado, it also gets very cold at night, so we have long clothes, too. Jammies are also worn at breakfast then put in the wash (so maybe my average is really 3/day).

We have about 10 warm-weather outfits and 10 cold-weather outfits, 4 pairs of jammies, 3 coats (of varying thickness), and a couple sweatshirts. Sheesh, writing it, I'm realizing it's ALOT compared to y'alls. Maybe I can thin that down some more... off to try...
I kept about 20 outfits and he probably had about 60. Both my boys now have about 3 pair of shoes (tennis and play) and one pair of church shoes. They were hand me downs too and i thought why in the world would anyone need that many outfits so I gave them to friends and family and freecycled the rest. I would be so frustrated trying to find something for them to wear when we had that many clothes. I never had to do laundry hardly and now I have to keep up with it but I'd rather have less and wear what we love then have so much and not like what they wear.
I have a few outfits I can't get rid of either. But I'm still hoping for another one day so I'm keeping my favorites to be worn again I hope.
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Life was easy when I/dd had a friend that had a son dd's age and 2 daughters, one 2yr older than son and one 2yrs younger. When oldest outgrew the clothes friend loaned them to me, when my dd outgrew the stuff I gave it back and youngest was soon in them.
Now that I moved I just wait till there is a need. We have a wedding the end of the summer and I just keep looking for a dress everytime we go to the thrift store. I guess I better buy some shoes though as thrifts shoes are a hit or miss and once Aug comes there will be no white shoes in the store!
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