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How many teeth- 17 months?

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My DD I think is going to be a lot like her dad- he was always the small kid in class- looked like he was 11 when he was 16- he grew after high school-

But I was wondering how many teeth does/did your 17 month old have? Breeze broke 4 teeth at 11 months then nothing until 2 weeks ago- she got one more- her 5th. Does that seems late?

Anway- just wondering! I think my oldest DD had a lot of teeth by 17 months *shrug*
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Kiera is also 17months and has 15 teeth - she is cutting her 16th.
: Her little friend is 21 months old though and just got her 6th tooth...I guess it depends on the kid!
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My dd had 12 teeth at 17 months. Every kid is different. I have one friend who's son was close to 13 months before he got even one tooth. Now at 2, he's got them all.
ds is 16 1/2 months - he has 13 teeth and is working on the other three.
My Dd is 15 M and is working on her 6 & 7 tooth.........
My ds will be 17 months tomorrow. He has 14 teeth.

My friend's ds will be 19 months tomorrow. He has 4 teeth.

*ETA: I have to amend my answer because he just got a new tooth this morning and I believe there is another on the way. So he turned 17 months yesterday and has 15 teeth with the 16th about to erupt any day now.
DS is 16.5 mths and has 16 teeth. I didn't know it was early for that many teeth. They all grow at different rates, ya know
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My son just turned 18 months (but no new teeth in the last 6 days

He has 12.
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DD had either 8 or 12 teeth at 17 months.

Otherwise, I want to say I love your DD's name!

I think I've got you all beat...
I know... this isn't a contest

My son Henry only has 2 bottom teeth at 17 1/2 mths

Wish I could figure out how to get a picture of him on here.
He's sooo adorable.
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DD has two teeth all the way in on the bottom, 2 teeth all the way in on the top, and 2 more just poking through on the top.
have to say, my son had 2 teeth on the bottom fully come in before he hit the 4 month mark... he got all of his baby teeth by the time he was 10 months old (per the dentist, i cant remember the number) which they said was accellerated... not necc good, just faster... my daughter had maybe 4 teeth when she was 18 months old...
DD got her 16th tooth at 16 months. (Now she has 18½ teeth at 22 months.) But her father didn't get his first tooth until he was 16 months! Here's the ADA chart of typical tooth eruption, but lots of kids fall outside those ranges (like my toothy DD or her toothless-as-a-toodler dad).

Originally Posted by faithnj
Otherwise, I want to say I love your DD's name!

Ah, thanks Faith! Sometimes I get that
: look- like what were you smoking- lol
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At 16 months we have 14 teeth with another two on the way. She got her first tooth around 4.5-5 months though. I have "nipples of steel" at this point!
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My super big kid (been in the 90th% all his life) only had 6 or 8 teeth by 18 mo (didn't get the first lump in his gums until 8 mo and that one took 2 mo to break the surface). It was actually getting to the point that I was starting to worry and researching if it was normal or not
He's 26 mo now and finally got in his last 4, but there's no sign of his 2 yr molars.

For contrast, his older brother had all his teeth by 12 mo, and his 2 yr molars by 18 mo. He just turned 6 in June and he just discovered his first loose tooth this morning
I remember the day that tooth came in when he was 4 mo old
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