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How many towels are "plenty"?

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I'm nesting, and need a guideline here! :LOL I may be in and out of the tub, and have tons of chux and cloth underpads already. I have drop cloths and moving blankets etc. for the carpet (thanks Dad!)

I just bought 8 bath towels at the dollar store (they're on the smaller side) and have another 8 or so around the house that I don't mind using. Is this enough, do you think? I got 16 washcloths for compresses, too. Shall I add to the linens, or move my obsession to stocking the freezer?

As long as we're counting linens, how about receiving blankets. I have 4 flannel ones I don't mind getting all birthy. Should I get more? I don't remember using that many at our birthing center...after rubbing in the vernix, DS was dressed in a tee and dipe about 1 or 2 hours later. We have about 4 nicer blankets to keep the Bean warm in after he's in a diaper.
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We had four towels, four washcloths, and four receiving blankets, plus a couple of beach towel-size towels for *me* after I got out of the tub, and that was probably good... though I would have liked a few more towels to have for wrapping ds in, so your eight actually sounds good.

Still, I think you might want to move to the freezer now.
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My midwife says at least 4 towels, at least 4 washclothes, and at least 6 receiving blankets for the birth, and then a couple newer clean ones for after the baby's cleaned up.
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I've had three homebirths and I don't think I've ever used more than three towels (including the towel to dry myself when I got out of the bathtub) :~)
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