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I was before we had enough of a stash to go all day and night. Not anymore we have enough,and she stays drier in cloth than in sposies! She is shaped funny so sposies gap at the back and everything goes out yuck. She was soaking the sheets every night! She has a chubby belly, average thighs but the tiniest little bum so I had to always go up a size before her back was in that size :LOL

She also protests very loudly and fidgety if I dare try a sposie for dh because he won't deal with cloth so I no longer use them at all. It's really funny to see her trying to scoot her bum out of the diaper and try and roll away from me when I'm trying to put a sposie on, she also cries the whole time she is in it. Cloth she sits still while I change her and she is a happy little clam so I'm not messing with it.

We have ammonia stink in the morning sometimes but not always it depends on the diaper and how much she went the night before.

(and that long winded post was to say no, not anymore
: )
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