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We might have been scared to use cloth overnight at first, but we had 3 leaks with Huggies while we were in China, so we started out with hemp fitteds and wool covers when we got home and (knock on wood) have never had even the slightest leak in 6 months with cloth. She was drinking up to 60 ounces of formula a day for awhile before she was willing to try solid foods, so she was a very heavy wetter. If we had any leaks with cloth I probably would try disposibles again, so I can completely understand those that do use them for night. It's only 1 a diaper a day anyway. I do change her in the night usually one time and it doesn't bother her. I guess if it starts to bother her or she ever gets a rash I may try a disposable - maybe with a wool cover on top due to our earlier problems with the disposables
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