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How many weeks are you and what are you measuring???!!

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I am 37 weeks and measuring 41cm!!!! Crazy, huh?!

How 'bout you?
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At 39 weeks I am measuring 35-36 weeks. But midwife says at this late in the game that is irrelevant. A couple of weeks ago I measured @ 37 cm. So I think a lot of it now has to do with baby positioning.
I agree with that comment about baby position. At 37 weeks, I measured 40 cm, and then last week, at about 38.5 weeks, I measured only 37 cms. Oh, and when I got that 40 cm measurement, I was also having a contraction. I think that made my belly pop out more.
At 35 weeks I was measuring 40 (or 43 depending on where they decide to measure from). I'm just big and uncomfortable, and will just be getting bigger. I only got to 41 when ds was 40 weeks. Ugh.
37 weeks, measured 35 on Monday. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that baby is on her side...and off to the left.
Measurement is taken down the middle. I was rather flat on Monday
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36 weeks measuring 36 cm. I've been pretty close to on the dot each time.
At 34.5 weeks I was measuring 34.5 weeks.

I go back on Monday (will be 37 weeks), so we'll see what I'm measuring then.
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I'm 39 weeks as of yesterday and I measured 38.5 weeks at my MW appt. I measured 38 weeks the appt before (and have been pretty much been right on track within a cm or so since 30 weeks) and the MW said he's engaged even farther so thats probably why there wasn't such an increase like normal.
I was 37 weeks 1 day on Monday and I measured at 39 weeks.
38 weeks today, measuring 40, but my mw said it wasn't accurate because we could see the baby bum sticking out at an angle, LOL!
Six days ago I measured 37.
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36 weeks, 2 days - measuring 35 but the baby's bum is sticking out to my right side.
I'm 39 weeks today, measured 37 cm (also today). I've been measuring 36 cm the past three weeks though. Plus, I'm in the same boat as some pp, you can see his back and bum sticking out at an angle a lot of the time, so measuring across the middle doesn't really account for all of him
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