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How many weeks would you wait to go in and tell them your schedule and bring your new

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baby as well. Especially c-section moms. I'm not in this situation as of now, but down the road I will be.

Thank you.
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I'm not sure I'm clear on the gist of the question. Have you had a baby and you want to bring the baby in to your job to show them? Could you clarify?
If I understand correctly you're looking for insights on how to communicate about your work schedule post-baby. The time to do that wouldn't be weeks after the birth, though. You want to start checking your company's policies on maternity leave as soon as you find out you're pregnant. Often it's best to do this discreetly at first. Then make a plan for discussing things with your employer. As you note, a c-section may alter your or your company's ideas of how long to stay out on maternity leave, but there are also other factors. If you have to go on bedrest or have some complications or the baby is premature or other difficult things happen then you need some extensions in your original plan... Also, you need to be aware of your state's laws on breastfeeding/pumping and your company's compliance with those - for example, here in Hawaii a company has to provide a place for an employee to pump - but it's not unheard of for companies to disregard this law and force employees to pump in bathroom stalls. Grrr...

So - the short answer would be: get as much info on your company's policies and your situation (and as many variables as possible) early in your pregnancy. Discuss your plan as concretely as you can with your boss/company early enough to put into action any needed adjustments, such as hiring temporary workers to sub for you during maternity leave. Then be as flexible as you can when/if things don't go as planned. Another thing - be sure to begin arranging for child care along with all this! (ETA: it sounds like you are interested in a work situation where it's possible to bring baby to work. This is not possible in all work situations, but mamas who are doing it may have some information on how to find such a job.)

I know you are probably just looking for general info for your future reference here, but if you are trying to help out a friend in a tough spot or something please feel free to give more details, the mamas here are great with specific help for tough work/baby situations!

Jessica, I keep checking your signature for your own baby news!
It'll happen for you one day.
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