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How many wool covers can be washed at once?

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OK, so I got my wow wash in the mail & was wondering how many of my nb/small wool covers can be washed in a batch. I have 3 nb nikkys & a nb loveybums cover that I bought used so I am figuring should be washed before the baby gets here. Can they all be washed in the same batch w/ the 1-2 tsp. of woolwash recommended on the label, or will I have to add more wash to the mix? Help me out please
I am not sure & don't want to mess it up.
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I wash all 5 of my covers together all the time. But i do add a little more wow wash because i have large covers plus 5 of them. I have never had a problems doing this but make sure your covers don't bleed before doing this!!
I will wash natural colors or similar colors together but am very careful with darker colors. Blue/red/purple tend to bleed and I always wash them by themselves. These days I tend to wash one by one because it gts too wet or dirty and I'll just wash it then and there.

I would not let them soak for too long - I remember someone who left her in overnight and the covers were damaged by the harshness of her water - holes if I remember. I usually let them soak for 15 - 30 minutes and another 30 minutes for lanolizing.

good luck!
If they're all natural/white you could probably put them all together. If they're dyed I won't wash them together unless the colors are very similar. You'll have to add more wool wash if you're washing a group or not all of them will get lanolized well.
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