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How many woolies do you have?

  • 1-2

    Votes: 4 8.9%
  • 3-4

    Votes: 8 17.8%
  • 5-6

    Votes: 8 17.8%
  • 7-8

    Votes: 12 26.7%
  • 9+ lost in all the fuz!

    Votes: 13 28.9%
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Hi! I quickly became addicted to cd. And I read and read about wool, then I fell in love with a cover from Tuesday Bear, bought my first woolie, then I had to have prefolds, love my unbleached cpf! Then I had to have covers. I now have...
1 aristrocat
2 Tuesday Bears, 1 was custom

1 merino wool soaker
1 stacinator
1 Bum Fuzzy(and 1 on order)
and I just got my first fuzbaby today!!!!

I have one from the cushie tushie on its way
and I am ordering some footed soakers from newzealand.....

Who else is guilty(or proud) of there woolies??!!

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I guessed at 7-8 but I probably have more than that, AND I was given a 100% wool blanket yesterday that is soon to become a lot more wool covers for my little man, provided my sewing machine comes back from the fixer! (mine are all ~MINE- made by me, I don't have any other 'collectables' yet, but tuesday bear is tempting me badly with that pumpkin I saw....might have to snatch a custom slot next time)

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I have 10 in use right now:

1 Sugarpeas s/s teal with blue serging.
1 Earth Mother wool wrap with front snaps. (local store now closed
2 handknit by me Lopi wool soakers
6 handsewn recycled from sweaters using the BTL pattern pull-on soakers.

I don't know which I like more!

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I have:

1 wool soaker from Kool Sheep Soakers (Fish/Yu on aqua)
1 wool soaker from E-bay (? multicolor variegated)
1 (new today!) wool soaker made by Cass
(multicolor variegated)
1 Sugarpeas (lavender, off the TP)
1 Custom Tuesday Bear (pink with a sheep applique on it)
1 Custom Tuesday Bear on order (rubber ducky applique on aqua)
1 Bizzy B Hive (green with sushi embroidery)
1 Angel Wraps (orange wool with chili pepper appliques)
2 that I made (one in a navajo wool, and the other in a kool-aid dyed wool) - but these don't count since I don't like either one!


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3 Little Turtle Knits
1 Freshies wool Fittwrap
2 old old aristocrats for at night
1 leaf appliqued cover sewn by an MDC mom (pinky)
1 pair of recycled sweater wool pants from Kendell at Freshies

That's 8. Love them all

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I have fewer wool covers than I used to, as I went on a wool selling binge (selling three Fuz covers + snapins and 2 Righteous Baby covers + snapins and other things). I still have plenty, and I use wool exclusively (hey, even the preschool puts a wool soaker over his fleece AIO's):

4 Kool Sheep Soakers (my fav)
2 Little Turtle Knits (also quite wonderful)
1 Righteous Baby elephant appliqued
1 My Grandma Knits natural wool soaker
2 Freshies covers with gussets
1 bumpy wool cover
1 Freshies wool pants (with a pair on the way)

1 Natural Simplicity snail appliqued organic wool cover that will probaly forever be too big, but which no one wants to buy


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5 Little Turtle Knits
1 Baa Baa Bottoms (planning on more)
3 Sugar Peas (blue with white scalloped deco serging, peach, rose pink)
1 Patchwork Pixie - Eggplant YUM!

plus I have my first Kool Sheep custom on the way. Soooo Excited about that!

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Here's mine:

~1 Kool Sheep Soaker
~1 Aristocrat
~2 Fuz Easy's
~2 Fuz WIO cover
~4 Righteous Baby WIO covers
~1 Fuzbomb
~1 Sugar Peas

And my Chili and Lime Fuz WIO on the way!

Plus I've got a few wool covers that are too small too...

Sick isn't it? :LOL

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I voted 4, but if we're counting all covers in all sizes, then I've got 8.

2 Sugarpeas (one purple w/green stitching, one avocado with purple stitching)

2 LTK soakers knit by me

And she's outgrown 4 LTK soakers, also knit by me.

I have more planned, of course. How could I not?
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