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How much are you spending on being a Diaper Fairy?

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I would like to join in, but I can't believe some of these gifts, I could never afford to fairy someone some of the things I see floating around (I wish this had been started when I was still working, I would have been the fairy QUEEN! LOL). REALLY how much do you spend on average to fairy someone? I just wouldn't want someone to be disappointed that they just got a dozen wipes from *me* when someone else got a hyena soaker from another fairy.

Just curious!

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You shouldn't be embarassed to fairy a small gift at all! It may seem that a lot of really amazing fairy gifts are floating around, but in reality there are still plenty of mamas who haven't been fairied at all.
I think most mamas, like myself, would just love to get something with such amazing vibes in their mailbox. Even a friendly card from another CD'ing mama would really make my day...I've been thinking about this today and thought about sending cards to a whole bunch of mamas since I can't send gifts to all of them.

So yes, a diaper fairy gift with some nice wipes would really make someone's day, I believe!
ANY diaper fairy gift is sweet and special, it's not about money IMO! Don't feel bad, feel good that you are thinking of others and happy to be giving
ANYTHING given by the diaper faity is amazing! (and sometimes it's not diapers even)
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Many of my fairy gifts were home made...I believe its the thought that counts.
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I think something no matter how small would be so thoughtful. Small things like nice wipes, wool wash, or even just a homemade/ WAHM soap would be awesome Fairy gifts and things that are often really needed. It trully is the thought that counts!
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I don't think it's the amount you spend being a fairy. I think it has more to do with what that person needs. Sometimes they just need to know that someone is thinking of them. Othertimes they need a problem solved. Sometimes they've been wanting something but can't afford it or can't stalk for it. I think being a good fairy is about identifying the need and fullfilling it.

I've fairied people with inexpesive wipes, gently used dipes, new dipes from new WAHMs (benefits both parties!), things people are selling on the TP, but don't actually want to part with, things that they want but won't buy for themselves, and once I bought something that I WOULD NEVER have spent on myself, but I knew it was REALLY important to them.

It doesn't take money... it takes love to be a fairy.
I don't think the monetary value is important, but I'm surprised at how generous people are being! I didn't spend a lot of money on the wool I sent, but it cost a lot in time, which I'm sure is appreciated. I think it's just nice to know someone was thinking of you.
i fairied someone a hh and it was only around $15.00 for everything.
i didnt miss the money...but making someones day is pricless!!
Reading these replys is so sweet (insert pregnancy hormones here). I think that a gift of even a few wipes would bringhten someones day. Just getting mail (that isn't bills!!!!) is so exciting, I can only imagine getting a package of something unexpected.

I personally would be thrilled to recieve anything that meant someone was thinking of me. I am the same way with cards and pictures people send.

So go on and fairy someone with those will make their day!
I know it would make my day to get wipes (those little buggers are like socks in the dryer :LOL )

I know that I haven't spent alot fairying but it's nice to know that it put a little smile on someones face when they went to the mailbox.
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ITA with everyone else who has replied- it's definately the thought that counts, not the money you spend.
Just knowing that someone was thinking about me would totally make my week! Some mamas really need wipes, some need dipes or covers- some just need a note from a cyber-friend. I'm sure that whatever you can send would be really really appreciated!!
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yup, i'd love a card, or wipes, or something homemade just for us, or whatever. just knowing someone thought of us would make my day!!! i'm so glad to see others agree it doesn't need to be hyena material or expensive since i don't have tons of that stuff laying around here and i want to do some fairying!
I don't think it's the amount you spend at all, rather just the thought that someone out there was thinking about you
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Originally Posted by bluey
I don't think it's the amount you spend at all, rather just the thought that someone out there was thinking about you

I was just going to say that. :LOL I don't think it matters at all gift wise. I would be happy just getting a special little note or card from someone.
And...I just faired a mama with something very, very small, but I knew she would enjoy it.
So really, it's only the price of a stamp that you have to pay for to make a mamas day. It seems like the fairy hits(usually unbeknow to her)just at the right time when a mama needs a pick-me-up. A sweet letter can do that just as well as a hyena soaker.
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good question, and good responses, but it is daunting at times to see what ohters have given. Although I do know that I, and anyone else, would be enormously thrilled with anything which shows thought and care - that is what its all about.
You could say I'm bad, but I fairy things I have that I don't think I'd be able to get a good price for. I'd rather give it to someone then sell it for half of what I think it is worth. I also make a lot of our own diapers, and I have new diapers that I made but didn't quite fit the way I wanted them to so I made small adjustments to my pattern and made more of those items for us. However, the original items are beautiful and have never been used. I joined the fairy list just so I could fairy some of those items. Then I've gotten diapers in trades that haven't worked for us but I haven't been able to re-sell them as quickly as I would like. The money has already been spent so it's just a matter of how much postage costs to send them. I could never afford to buy a new diaper and fairy it for someone, though I certainly would if I could. Now that I've fairied a few things, I've been the one fairied as well, and if you're looking at it strictly from a monetary perspective, I've come out just fine.

My bottom line is that what you send into the lives of others comes back into your own. I'm not extravagant in my gifts, but I have received things I would have never spent money on for myself, and I've treated others to beautiful things I have that are now no longer lying around in my way and hopefully they love. I feel very blessed, as though I've received far more than I've given, even though in actual value, it's about even.
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I am so glad i read this thread. I have really wanted to join the diaper fairy group but icouldn't afford to fairy big ticket items so i haven't. I'm so happy to knwo that icould join and fairy soemthing that is in my pricerange with out being considerd stingy
Gosh, actually, wipes is one of the best things I can imagine getting right now
I have a thing for snuggly soft wahm velour/sherpa/bkt/hemp wipes

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:ditto What everyone else said. I faeried things to people that I made myself...1 mama was looking for a soaker, so I made her a bum sweater and a bottle of wool wash. 1 mama had problems with a wahm she was ordering FB from, so I made her a pocket diaper....Things like that.

I think wipes would be a great gift...I use ALL of my wipes, even the little bitty first ones I made - those ones became car kleenex, and still never seem to have enough.

It doesn't matter how much it costs, but the amount of love and thought that went into it. I know that sounds cliche, but it is totally true.
ditto ladies! I am so totally beyond broke-but feel the need to reach out occassionally myself-so don't worry about the money involved-it is definitely just knowing that somebody is thinking of you-heck, a single wipe would make my day
of course, so would just a note-so I am easy to please

I did play fairy, and now am paranoid that she hasn't gotten the package-what to do, what to do???? You can't exactly pm them and ask LOL-that ruins the suprise

Oh well, I think you will work things out-you are very resourceful mama!
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