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how much do you need for a diaper stash?

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Ok, I know this has kind of been discussed already but I hadn't done my research then so I didn't know enough for anything to make sense to me, kwim?
The last time I cloth diapered I used prefolds and some wraps that I got at BabiesRus or something. I even had a couple of plastic pants. I didn't have the internet and that was what was available. At the very end, I got some motherease wraps, all of which I sold when dd2 was done diapering. Now, I see all these fantastic, wicking, breathable,handmade diapers and covers and all-in-ones and pockets. it boggles the mind!

I don't know if we are having any more dc after this so I find it hard to justify going crazy with a big stash, although I suppose I could always resell.

Here is what I've decided to get so far:

1 dz rainbow edge prefolds from Green Mt diaper co.
1 dz infant size (blue edge) prefolds

I am making a bunch of fleece covers, bear bottoms style (total cost 20$ for 8) I don't know if I will like them, but they are really easy to make and cheap, too so why not?
4 wool covers and 2 longies (recycled from sweaters)

Then I would like to purchase or make 6 or 8 aio diapers for when we aren't at home.

What do you think, overkill, not enough?
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mmm, another cd-ing newbie, but from the suggested amounts of dipes, it sounds like plenty! i have 16 fuzzi bunz smalls on hand, along with about 10 little lamb smalls, and a ton of stuffers and doublers. i also have prefolds and wraps, and as i'm typing this i'm beginning to see how ridiculous the size of this stash is, and i'm not admitting anything else on hand!

um, my excuse is that i have had 7 years to build this stash!
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I have 24 infant indian prefolds, 9 WonderWrap covers (adjustable 9-35lbs), 3 newborn covers, 10 doublers, two snappis, and 10 random large size no-name fitteds I got from Freecycle. They're all gently used except the doublers, which I got new for 1/2 price on Craigslist, but I managed to spend under $100 and I feel pretty darn good about that.
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Sounds like a very reasonable stash size to me.

I have an assortment of fitteds and AIOs and covers, plus a few dozen infant prefolds. We'll see how long this baby fits in the small sizes.

My size-L diaper stash is overboard -- probably 2-3 dozen AIOs and 2-3 dozen fitteds and 6-10 covers. But she wore the same size for two years!
That sounds good to me! This will be my first time cding a newborn. I am doing pfs and covers at first b/c it sounds like that is what most have "luck" with. There are some REALLY cute diapes out there, it is so hard not to go hog wild!
i'm just skeered of the explosive bf poopies. then again, sposies weren't so hot for the up-the-back explosions that my kids were sooo famous for!! (and yes, they were on and sized properly!!)

cannot wait to do this!
I'm planning on having a small stash ready consisting of:

20 infant prefolds
12 preemie prefolds
10 fitteds
24 covers
1 wool (shorties, longies, or soaker)

I'm skipping newborn for the most part because I don't have that kind of money to spend when I doubt this baby will be in newborn more than a couple weeks. I'm starting with smalls and I will pickup any AIOs or Pockets that I see that are a really good deal.

Woops and wipes too! About 40 wipes (infant washcloths and cut up flannel bedsheets for the most part)
I want some happy heinys cause I like the prints but I don't Need them.

I have about 12 prefolds
lots of inserts (hemp, flannel and other)
some pro wraps

I don't have enough covers, so we plan to puchase a few...

also need wipes...

anyone making their own wipes or can suggest a wipe brand?
so far I have 8 kissaluvs sz 0, 11 small covers, 4 small swaddlebees velour AIOs and 7 small FBs.

I am going to get 16 heiny hugger fitteds as well.
hammycakes, your stash sounds wonderful. Asd you go along you'll probably get different things to try anyways...who can stay away from the trading post?

I have 8 fitteds so far that I have made myself (patontheshoulder) and am planning to have a total of about 20 NB fitteds and 20 small. Thank goodness I am getting better at sewing them and it takes me about 30 mins to make one. I have 5 NB covers and 3 NB AIOs. I also have 10 Kissaluvs sz 1 and about 10 covers starting at 13lbs, that's what - a medium?
So I might get few more small covers and will definately get some PFs to tiedye.
All in all I am spending a bit more than I was planning to but am still doing good compared to some other diaper-crazies out there
We all know what it's like...
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with our first and will supplement with replacement covers/pf's as needed:

24 preemie ucpf's
6 nb proraps
24 infant ucpf's
6 small proraps
6 medium proraps (hated these)
6 medium litewraps (loved these)
24 premium ucpf's
6 large litewraps
16 pairs gerber training underpants

Depending on the size of this babe, we might buy another dozen preemie UCPF's and 6 preemie proraps.

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im a newbie too, but heres what ive got. it should be plenty to last for a LONG time, except for some bigger covers, and if i want to try out any of the fancer diapers

12 preemie
36 infant
24 premium

one size diapers
4 little lambs (given to me by a friend)
6 bumgenius!2.0
5 haute pockets

other diapers
6 nb fitteds made by a mama on diaper swappers
4 AIO's these are either nb or small, they dont have a tag and were given to me by a mama on another board i go too
2 small fitteds made by a mama on diaper swappers
2 small tender tush organic fitteds
3 small fitteds that were given to me

i have too many newborn covers i think, lol

1 imse vimsey bumpy day
1 imse vimsey bumpy night
1 fleece chunkybutt
3 nikky wool wraps
2 proraps
1 ecology kids
1 nb shorties
1 XS appalachian baby wool wrap
1 NB Righteous recycles wrap

the nikky wraps and the ecology kids cover were given to me from the same mama that gave me the fitteds and AIOs and ahe gave me some smalls too, the especially for baby ones

small covers

2 litewraps
2 bummis sww
1 puppy strawberries n sunshine
1 HunnyBuns wool wrap
4 especially for baby

and i have a few mediums too
1 stacinator fleece
2 dappi pull on
1 cute liberty print
1 lovey bums cover

is it sad that i have all of this in a spread sheet so i know what i have and what i need?
ive got everything i should need, except for a pail, and im just going to buy a trash can for that
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For ds so far, I used:
1 dozen kissaluvs contours size small
3 hand crocheted wool covers

Then moved to:
10 infant size Kushies AIOs

I use sposies at night and to go out. You can definately do cloth with a small stash. I have other odds and ends, but this is what I actually use.
Well my stash comes mostly from a friend and I have

36 nb cpfs
9 nb covers
3 pockets.

I plan to get a *few* more pockets just for dh and my mom.

But honestly I think that 40+ diapers is overkill; I wouldn't have bought this much if I hadn't gotten them for free.

: I have compensated by buying a TON of mamacloth from Amazpadz and also Ashleyhaugh's co-op.
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Originally Posted by brendon View Post
also need wipes...

anyone making their own wipes or can suggest a wipe brand?
I just made 40 wipes. they measure 5x8 inches, and are terry cloth on one side and flannel on the other. I just serged the edges to keep from fraying.

I plan on getting the diaper potion lotion or whatever with the spraybottle.. maybe making up a ziplock bag if I know we are going out?
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if youre on diaperswappers, i ordered mine from missmindi. theyre great looking, although i obviously havent got a chance to use them yet, lol. i can see why everyone raves about her
BTW You can make some cheap wipes by finding flannel bedsheets on sale then cutting them into squares. Flannel is by far my favorite material for wipes anyway and I can find a flat sheet for about 7 bucks and make about 50 wipes with it.
This baby's main stash for the newborn/small stage will be:

18 or so small FB
10 small motherease Sandy's
infant prefolds and bumpy day covers
I also have a couple wool covers but they are more for the medium stage.

I need to make an exact count.

Originally Posted by hammycakes View Post
I just made 40 wipes. they measure 5x8 inches, and are terry cloth on one side and flannel on the other. I just serged the edges to keep from fraying.

I plan on getting the diaper potion lotion or whatever with the spraybottle.. maybe making up a ziplock bag if I know we are going out?
I made my own as well. 6" by 6" two sided flannel that I turned and topstiched.
I plan on using the spray bottle method as well, will a smaller spray bottle for the diaper bag.

I am sewing my own fitted diapers and knitting wool covers.

So far I have...

36 newborn fitteds
8 newborn wool soakers/ longies (maybe more I just keep knitting them
36 small fitteds (just finishing the last four of these)
10 small wool soakers/ longies (again maybe more that that- I just keep knitting)
10 medium wool soakers/ longies
4 large wool soakers/ longies
tons of wipes (about 100 I think)
tons of doublers (about 50- so I can double or triple them up as needed)

I also plan on sewing 36 medium fitteds as well before the babe is born. I should have no problem doing that. Then I figure I have months and months to get the larger sizes sewed, a few diapers at a time. This hasn't cost very much so far- I use a lot of recycled materials and free patterns. everything I have made so far probably comes in right around 250$ including wool, elastic, Velcro and all. I have tons of materials left as well. I think I will be just fine when baby comes.
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Re: Wipes

I just used all of those stupid gerber washcloths we were given. I did also buy 2 packs of 12 walmart white washcloths and we use those things for everything nowadays from wiping hineys to cleaning.


PS Hinies? Hineys? Oh who cares.
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