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How much $$ do you....

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Do you have a "price per diaper" you will pay?
For fitteds?
"special diapers"?

Just wondering if when you go to a site or auction if you have a price range you typically will stay in??

Hope I'm making sense!
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I have limits for dipes:

Usually $20 is as far as I will go for a diaper or cover, $25 for an AIO and if it's an amazing diaper like the Honeyboy I coveted and snagged off WAHMall a couple of years ago, I think I paid $40 for it but I wanted it that badly LOL

(all my prices are in Canadian funds)
Let's just say that the Fuz on ebay is way out of my ballpark LOL but I usually don't put limits on my amounts. Being a wahm, i know what all makes up a diaper, including labor.
It pretty much depends, for wool cover 30 dollars. I just paid 60 for wool pants but they are worth it. For AIO's around 20. I usually dont go over 22 ish for an AIO. For a fitted 15-17 is the most I pay.
For fitteds? $20
"special diapers"? $40
AIOs? i dont buy these
Covers? i only buy wool. ive paid up to $50, but usually $25 for a regular cover and $30 max for handknit.
$10 for a fitted diaper including the liner if it comes with one

$12 for a cover

I did try some FB once and really liked them, was willing to pay more, but dd is allergic to fleece.

$15 for a fitted diaper

$10 for a PUL cover

I don't really like AIOs as DD leaks through them. I hope to be able to get some wool covers but would only spend no more than $20 on those.
I don't have a set limit.
I just go by how badly I want it and how much I have in my paypal/checking account.
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I am with Lori.....I don't have a set limit, it depends on what I can afford or how badly I want something. I did score some Fuz off e-bay, and that is the absolute most I have ever paid for any diaper related item.
But especially for a WAHM made item, if I want it badly enough, and I can afford it, then I will pay a good price for it.
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because it just so happens that all my fav's are from US wahms or wahms that sell in US funds from Canada.
Fitted $25
Special Diapers $60 Because that is the going price for All in ones with snap ins these days it would seem.
AIO's $160 because I spent that much once
Covers $85 apparently because I spent that much before
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