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When I was pregnant with ds, I took 2 orally and 2 vaginally (at night) and did this probably for about one or two weeks.
That was self dosing too, no one told me how to do it, etc.
For what it's worth, I was 2-3 cm for two weeks, then when I went to the hospital to be induced, I was already at 4. But I had already had a previous labor, so that could be part of it.
My midwife suggested to really ripen your cervix to place SIX of them beside your cervix at night, but I am uncertain as to if this is just once or if it's for a few days or what. We didn't talk much about it because she said with someone like me it was pretty much a waste of time.

And turns out I think she was right. I went from a mushy cervix to one that feels completely thinned out with a bulging bag in about 2 weeks' time on my own!
So here I am the human time bomb

Anyhoo, mine were 500 mg; I don't know about rrl tea. I think you can overdo rrl, but epo is something that you really can't overdo, but please don't take my word for it.
Good luck to ya!
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