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I have been doing EPO for a little while too. The bottle says to take between 2 to 6 capsuls daily, so I've been taking around 4 (when I remember). I was inserting 4 vaginally, but since I get up every hour or so to pee, they would all wash out right away and it seemed like kind of a waste to me.

So now I put in maybe 2, and if I'm really wide awake in the night and have "lost" the first batch to the toilet, I might put in another. I don't know if this is doing anything, but it is kind of fun to be doing something. I'm thinned to about 70% right now, and a little dialated. But I could be that way without the stuff too, I'll never know!

And the tea? I don't know of any recomendations for servings, I would find out though before you start taking massive amounts! I have been drinking maybe a cup a day or every other day.

Good luck!

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