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How much fruit do your kids eat?

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I am just curious because I was talking ot a friend the other day and she mentioned that her 3 year old daughter has not had any fruit for 3 0r 4 days except a banana and some fresh lemonade.

I was realy shocked to hear that. I think mainly because she seems to be very health concious. She is a vegitarian, only lets her kids have organic food, is very strict about and has never aloud her 3 y/o to have any kind of suguar and so on.

I probably wouldn't have blinked an eye if it were a mainstream family.

Ds gets 2 to 4 servings of fruit a day.

I was wondering what other naturally minded health concious mama's think about fresh fruits and how often do you and your family eat them
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My kids get 4-6 servings a day. They snack on fruit all day and always have fruit as part of their meals, same w/veggies.
Most days my kids have a couple servings of fruit (2-3 slices of melon, cup of strawberries, .5-1 apple, etc...), DD has some juice and then a yogurt & fruit smoothie. Occasionally they have an organic fruit leather.

They used to eat a lot more fruit, but the price of organic fruit kills me so we have cut back a bit.
The veggies are harder to get in.

I don't even make the effort w/ the fruit, it just happens. Ds will ask for it, I always have it.

Please share what kinds of veggies your kids eat.

Originally Posted by Mamapits
Please share what kinds of veggies your kids eat.
Veggies have been a real struggle for us as well.

Both kids readily eat broccoli (steamed) and carrots (raw).
DS will also eat lettuce salad.

A short time ago we instituted a "Vegetable of the Week." We get a new veggie each week (that the kids decide on) and they must try a bite or two a few days of the week with dinner.

So far we have tried:
Orange Pepper
Grape Tomatoes
Snap Peas

So far, so good. Grape tomatoes are the only ones they didn't want to eat (so they didn't after the first night).

Of course they both LOVE corn, but we don't count that as a veggie.

We're always looking for veggie ideas!
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Yes cucumbers and broccoli work for us as well.

I can't get him to eat any of the leafy greens, not even lettuce.

Peas work out too.

DS loves olives but I am not sure if they are all that good, since I usually buy the canned ones, not organic.
Mine eat a fair amount of fruit. Whatever is in season, plus some frozen berries we keep on hand.

They do fairly well with veggies. I have found it key, however, to mix things up. What works one day doesn't always translate to the next day.

Some things that work with some consistency:

snap peas
tomatos, esp grape tom
green beans
red chard stems

What I have started doing is to put cut carrots and other stuff on hand (grape tomatos, snap peas...) on the table along with dinner. They almost always eat that, and then I don't fret so much about if they have any of the dinner veggies.
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Talia's just recently begun to eat fruit. I couldn't convince her to eat any for, well, most of her life. It was a banner day when I could talk her into eating a strawberry. But, she always ate a lot of vegetables, and she was nursing a lot, so I didn't push the issue too much. Since she's weaned (she just turned four, she weaned a few months ago), she's begun eating more fruit. But, she has otherwise restricted her diet a lot in the last few months, too. Fewer vegetables, less willing to try new things, unwilling to eat things she used to eat but hasn't had in a while.

Anyway, she currently eats maybe 2 servings a day on average. She's really into sliced, peeled apples sprinkled with cinnamon. She'll frequently go for a banana, pineapple, clementines or a strawberry or two. She loves dried papaya, mango and apples, as well as raisins. And she occasionally eats fresh mango. Blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, regular oranges, grapefruit, pears... all no-go.

My younger one, now... she's a fruit bat. She'll down an entire banana and an apple and still have room left for strawberries. I'd say she eats 2-4 servings a day, and could probably do even more if I let her.
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We go through a lot of produce.

They eat fruit with breakfast, fruit or veggies at least once a day as a snack, and fruit or veggie with/ in lunch. Dinner usually includes 2-3 veggies.

My 2 year old isn't fond of leafy greens, like chard, but will eat anything else, as will the 8 year old. My oldest is more selective, but it's a texture thing. (He now enjoys salad, but only with Annie's Raspberry Vinagrette. He won't even try other dressings!)

Snack veggies include: Carrots, red pepper strips, snap peas, celery with nut butter. Right now we have mangoes, oranges, grapefruit and kiwis for fruit. We also do smoothies once or twice a week, with bananas, berries, etc.

We can polish off a 6 lb box of madarins in one afternoon. lol
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