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How much have you spent on babywearing items for all your kids?

  • $50 or less

    Votes: 10 9.6%
  • $50-$100

    Votes: 16 15.4%
  • $100-$200

    Votes: 28 26.9%
  • $200-$300

    Votes: 13 12.5%
  • $300-$400

    Votes: 11 10.6%
  • $400-$500

    Votes: 6 5.8%
  • $500 or more

    Votes: 20 19.2%

How much have you spent on babywearing gear?

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Oops mistake-- please see the poll and vote.
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I must have not checked the poll-- I meant for my other thread to be a poll.

How much have you spent on babywearing items, including all your children?
I will fully admit that I have an addiction.... so maybe I am blowing the bell curve on this one.
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I bought a Beco, Moby wrap, and a used hotsling for my first baby. I think that`s enough for me! I`ve also had my eye on an Ergo, but another Momma gave me an old Gerry backpack, and I think it`ll do the trick.
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I voted $400-500. I haven't added up the cost of my carriers, but it sounds about right.
I bought an ergo and received a Maya Wrap as a gift. I love looking at other carriers but these two options worked well for us so there was no need to buy more.
For two kids, a new Ergo plus homemade mei tai, wrap, and sling.
i honestly have no clue. i've bought a lot of carriers over the course of three kids - i generally sell something to buy something. but of course not always. if you added up the cost of all those carriers it would be a lot, but considering how many of them i sold to buy something different (or sold cloth diapers or kids clothes/shoes to buy something new), i didn't spend nearly so much IYKWIM. i've also made myself a lot of carriers, so there's the cost of material and notions mixed in with that figure too.

if you're asking about the value of the carriers i currently have, if i wanted to sell every single thing i owned right now i'd probably be able to make about $600. in a better economy it'd probably be $700. there are a few DIY's in there, only one thing that i actually bought new, the rest are gently used carriers i bought on TBW, and the low-ball figure of $$ i'd make selling them all would be within $100 of what i spent on them in the first place. and i think even over the course of the last 6 years the total amount i spent out of pocket that didn't get recovered from selling is probably only $200-$300, though i'm totally guessing because i honestly don't know if i could sit down and write out every baby carrier i've ever owned (well, i probably could but it would be a real challenge).
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35 dollars and used it maybe 4 times? just didn't work for us
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About 120$, but that's just what *I* spent. I was also loaned a hotsling and gifted a gorgeous ring sling. And, I plan to get a woven wrap at some point (I think those are kind of pricey?).
I totally rationalized spending money on carriers because we did not get an infant/bucket car seat. I figure we saved there, so I could spend on carriers. Right?

DP thinks I'm nuts for wanting the woven wrap, but we both (dp and I) love our stretchy wrap and think it's approaching the end of it's easily useable days in terms of dd's weight. "How many of these carriers can you wear at the same time?!", he wants to know.
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I'm a wrapper and wraps are expensive. Right now I have six woven wraps and a ring-sling I made from a piece of a wrap. Dd is 2.75 years and I still wear her pretty much everyday. I have saved all my b-day cash and Christmas money for wraps, as well as using giftcards I was given when dd was a baby. It is my only baby splurge. I love the cuddles and convenience and I love the feeling of such beautiful textiles and the lovely colors.
Not too much, at all. I have spent less than $60 for one Hotslings pouch. I purchased it assuming I would be buying additional carriers. But, so far, this awesome little pouch has fulfilled our needs really, really well. DD is worn everyday and we still haven't had a need for a stroller.
Aaahhmmm, ermmm, yeah....

My husband was JUST remarking on my, umm, remarkable stash today!! And i reminded him that I don't collect fancy handbags, diaper bags, shoes (only $25 flip flops!), or jeans!!! I am absolutely low maintenance as far as shopping goes EXCEPT for my baby carriers... But I do pay for them myself
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Originally Posted by almadianna View Post
I will fully admit that I have an addiction.... so maybe I am blowing the bell curve on this one.

Same here
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Can I deduct the $ that I made from selling carriers that I don't use anymore/didn't love?
Overall, I've spent more than I'd like to admit, but far less than I spent on strollers that I didn't use much and take up WAY more space.
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All together? Over $500, no question.
Well, I spent $25 on a ring sling, another $25 for one as a gift for a friend, and my dad bought me a Kozy for $80.
I put 50-100. I have bought two wraps, but traded them both in( and they were used to start a gypsy mama and a merry carry so both were around 60) The rest....mei tais and ring slings I made myself. Thats how I learned to sew
So quick and easy and cheap! I made a bunch of mei tais for around $5 a piece
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I voted "$50 or less" but, now that I think about it more carefully, I realize I should have voted "$50-$100 or maybe even "$100-$200"

For DS, I spent $15 on a sling from a WAHM before he was born, then another $10 or so for 2 carriers at the thrift store (a home made mai-tie kind of thing plus a more structured carrier his dad used.)

For DDs, most of the time I used a $30 NoJo sling.

Those were the carriers I was thinking of when I voted. But then I remembered I bought a "Sara's Ride" hip carrier (maybe $35?) and a structured backpack frame thingie that DH used a few times, and I used exactly once (it hurt my back too much!)

If you count the carriers that actually got regular use, then I spent about $90 on carriers for all 3 kids combined. But if you add in the carrier I never used, it goes over $100.
I should have voted $100-$200- a maya ring sling, I think it was around $65, and an awsome custom mei tai for an astonishing $50.

So far the mei tai is the winner.
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