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How much is normal to get while pumping?

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Hello everyone,
I'm returning to work in 1 week and I have been pumping a bottle every morning, trying to build a supply while for him at daycare.
I get 4 oz every time. Is this good / bad /normal amount?
I am using a "the first years" double electric pump. (he feeds on one side and I pump the other)

My work hours will be LONG and I am really worried about drying up. I can b/f before I take him to d/c and pump on lunch (bathroom stall!) or possibley run to the d/c to b/f him if time allows (we'll see) and then b/f him again when I pick him up. Our d/c is on site.....but nowhere near close.

I will be leaving my house at 5pm and returning back home about 4 am. And also working everyother Saturday for awhile.

I'm scared ladies!!! please tell me everyting is gonna be OK...
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that's a really good amount to get, actually! its only from one breast, right?

i would suggest you invest in a better pump though - i had that one and ended up with glogged ducts galore once i went back to work. you'd be amazed at how much faster you can pump wiht something like a pump in style.

why will you be pumping in the bathroom? have you explored other options? why only on lunch? do you get any other breaks? have you talked with your employer about it?

give us more info, and we shoudl be able to help!
I pumped a lot too but I would only get 2-4 ounces in total from both breasts.

No wonder DD wanted to nurse so often!
yes, 4 oz from one side every morning,
i work in a very large factory. i asked and they dont offer anywhere else to pump but the bathroom. i really hope i can relax with everone coming in and out.
i get two 10 minute breaks and a 45 minute lunch. i can possibly use my manual pump at my 10 minute breaks.
I agree with the other poster that if you can get a more powerful pump, you might be better off. I have an Ameda Purely Yours which is also a double pump. You might want to practice pumping both sides at once and even maybe invest in one of those bras that holds the horns in place (since I imagine the bathroom is not going to be the *most* comfy place to pump and balance two horns and work the controls and etc.). By pumping both sides at once you'll take full advantage of the letdown and you'll get more.

I usually pump first thing in the morning because my DS never wants to eat right after waking up (probably because he's eating all night long...
) I was getting 4-6 oz. for a while, then I noticed that it dropped to about 2-3 oz. (this is right around the same time I stopped leaking). I took fenugreek for a couple of days and started eating oatmeal every day and drinking more water. After two weeks of that routine I'm back to pumping 4-6 oz from both sides at once, and it only takes maybe 10 minutes.

(Luckily I don't have to go to work right now, but I do have a little P/T gig for the summer doing a storytime at the local library. Plus I get paranoid about something happening where we'd need this big freezer stash...
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