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How much liver can be mixed with ground meat?

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How much liver can I mix with ground meat before it will show up in the taste? I'm going to make meatballs for DH for him to snack on as part of "Project Chubby Hubby" and was thinking that it might be a good way to sneak the despised superfood into his diet. About how much liver per pound of ground meat will likely sneak past him?

Oh, and is it likely to not work if I mixed something like chicken liver with ground beef? I didn't plan ahead and get beef liver at the farm yesterday, so I've only got chicken liver or pork liver to mix with ground beef.
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I use three ounces per pound. Never tried to use more than that, but I know we can't taste it with that ratio.
2-3 ounces - I tried 4 and it was too much.
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