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I'm trying to figure this out. I haven't really had a period in about 2 years so i'm not sure about how much i should be bleeding. I THOUGHT i had my first PPAAF about 3 months ago. i had spotting/light flow for about 10 days. This time i started charting, and 3 months later i finally ovulate and then 10 days after that i get my period.

well tyeh first day i bled abotu an ounce (i was keeping track because i'm curious and i have a diva cup and i could measure and write it down) and i was cramping a lot yesterday. then i went to bed, and i woke up at 6am because i was leaking. I was half asleep so i didn't pay attention to how much there was, there was just a lot, and i was leaking everywhere. i cleaned up and went back to sleep and i woke up at 10 and i was leaking again. I was about to come over to the board and rant about how my diva cup was leaking but when i pulled it out, it was completely full. So i assumed that when i woke up at 5am it was full too, and i figured it and i have bled more than 2oz in less than 12 hours.

i think i read somewhere that a person bleeds only about 1-3 oz in their entire period, is that right? is this something i have to see the docter about?

thank you so much for reading this! I'd really appreciate some answers, i know a lot of you are awesome at finding information on the net.
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