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How much money $$$ do you make an hour?

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I was getting about $6/per hour while working at home doing phone work.

Now I have a college degree and if I were a man I'd never take less than $17/hr for a job. I'm worth it. But being a mommy I have a bigger responsibility to spend time with my dd, therefore I'll take what I can get.

Do you worry about how much $$ you're making?

Or can you just be satisfied with knowing your baby is not in Daycare?

Anyone making less than $6/hr and ok with it??

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I make less than $6/hour with all of my time & work totalled up. When a person is getting $17/hour how much are they really making when you add up all the gas to and from work, costs for daycare, meals, etc?
I think that the vast majority of WAHMs are making less than $6 an hour.
LOL I just did the math. I make $4 an hour. I do inhome daycare I dont count the sling biz money because it fluctuates and thats mommy's "fun money"
Selling Mary Kay I usually make between $30-40/hr. There are times it's only $15-20 depending on the work I'm doing, and other times it's over $100/hr.
I'm doing daycare, getting $4 an hour for that, slings... I think it works out to be another $4 an hour, not just sewing but all the online stuff and emails going to PO etc etc. Tupperware eh, not much if anything cause I like to use what I make and buy my own Tupperware so it just supports my habit :LOL
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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